Friday May 21st, 2010

The exercise:

This week's four lines of prose are sponsored by the prompt: dance partners.

I do believe this is all I'll schedule for now, so if no posts show up in the next two days then I didn't manage to find net access while I was away. I don't expect that to be the case, but if that's how it turns out... please accept my apologies in advance.


The fourth time he stepped on my toes I began to pray for a freak lightning strike to take out the lead singer of the band to put me out of my misery.

After the seventh time I thought that perhaps my toes were finally going numb and relief was at last mine.

The eighth time proved that to be terribly optimistic thinking.

When my poor toes were crushed a twelfth time I knew there was only one escape route that would do the trick: faking an epileptic seizure.


Heather said...

The ceramic mug of coffee balanced precariously on the pile of books. She stepped carefully from side to side, dodging on-coming traffic, while trying to keep the sloshing liquid from falling to the floor. She and it had become partner's in life, always together from morning to night. It was this dance through the cubicles that showed the only tension between them.

Greg said...

@Heather: Oh, that was good in such a few lines! Really nice take on the prompt.

@Marc: Let's hope you get your internet access! I feel you're channeling Ambrose Bierce in your take on the prompt!

Dance partners

"The Viennese Waltz is performed at 180 beats per minute; some jest that it's the earliest form of house music!" The dance teacher tittered, apparently not noticing that no-one else was laughing. "So, take your partners by the hand, swing them round, you're looking grand, and don't stop until the music does!"
She hit play on the CD-player and turned the strobe lights on simultaneously, and all the dancers fell over at the same time.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I rejoice when my partner happens to be roughly the same height as me, but given my lack of vertical elevation (hehemfive-three...) this seldom happens. It's particularly nice when my partner's only a little taller than me as opposed to a great deal taller; I have to reach for proper hand position, but it works out well enough.

As to shorter partners, I can say this: I'm kind of glad they don't come around all that often. It's very awkward to attempt an underarm turn in a waltz with a kid who came up to my nose on a good day.
- - - - - - - - - -
Ah, good times with ballroom dancing in gym class. ^^

Kind of relevant, but nevertheless very exciting (for me, anyway): the school I'm attending next year has a ballroom club. Will I be signing up? Heck yes.

Marc said...

Heather - what Greg said. That was very well done.

Greg - I could picture that perfectly. It put a big old smile on my face :)

g2 - when I was in a grade 5/6 split class I was the shortest person in it - and I was in grade 6. So I feel your pain :)

Thankfully I had a growth spurt all the way up to 'average' and my permanent dance partner is a suitable height :D