Saturday May 15th, 2010

The exercise:

The topic for your four line poem this week is: coffee.

I met Greg for brunch this morning for one last chat before he heads home and thought I'd pick a topic that he would appreciate. Safe travels Greg and hope to see you again!


I don't like coffee.
Calm down, don't yell!
I may not like how it tastes
But at least I like how it smells.


Greg said...

As far as it goes, you not liking coffee just means I can have your share, and that makes trying to solve variational inequalities that little bit easier. Brunch was great, I really liked Locus, and the food was good too. Marc bravely tried not to appear to be in too much pain or too bored by my attempts at conversation!


Breathe deep, smell the roast,
Let it percolate through your soul,
Coffee might not be all there is to life,
But it helps to make life whole.

Marc said...

That right there is a wonderful ode to that foul stuff you love so much :)