Thursday May 13th, 2010

The exercise:

Tell me a story that happened here:

Kat and I went for a walk in the woods today (where the above was taken) and it was lovely. However I was, once again, left completely exhausted. This whole slow healing thing is a pain in the ass.


We walked that dirt path
For what felt like days.
I began to think
We were in a maze -
Isn't it funny,
The tricks our mind plays?

The sun was sliding
Down toward the trees
And the air was cooled
By a sudden breeze.
I began to wish
You'd not lost your keys.

We never found them
But that was okay,
For we found ourselves,
In our bumbling way,
And we still wander
Side by side today.


Greg said...

Sadly there's no way to speed the healing up, so you're just going to have to take your time and stay away from work ;-) The picture is great though, it looks like it was a really lovely day. And keep up the walking, it only builds your strength back up.


The silent trees bear witness
To these tiny acts of mine,
Contrition, sobbing on my knees,
Admitting all's not fine.
I love this spot, where we walked,
When you were still with me,
And here is where we parted ways,
To see what might just be.
And here is where we met again,
One year later to the day,
And I'd discovered that I loved you,
And you'd learned that you were gay.
The silent trees bear witness,
The mountains watch my grief,
I know that somewhere you're now happy,
But it grants me no relief.
I want you back, I tell the trees,
I want you in my life.
The trees stand tall, say nothing,
And I have lost my wife.

Marc said...

That was very lovely - I'd say more but I have to get a move on :(

Mia Jefferson said...

Those Years!
The path reminded me of when we were kids
fluttering of butterflies, and bees buzzing
In our ears
I wish I could go back to those years,
Years of fun, love, and long cool nights
I wish I could take back those years,
Those years when you
We're right
Beside me!