Saturday May 22nd, 2010

The exercise:

Your four line poem prompt this week is: obsession.

Updates from the road:

Yay: internet access, sunshine, space.

Boo: forgot my camera in Vancouver, I think I might have a sunburn already.

I'll get to the comments on the previous posts when I get back on Monday.


They are all gonna die,
That's what I'm predictin'.
I never woulda guessed
Weedin's so addictin'.


Greg said...

Sounds like you're having fun then, even without your camera! Though the sun-burn sounds less lovely.... It's been remarkably hot here in the UK this weekend, so I've had my fill of summer now. Roll on winter!


Our roots are deep and tangled,
And though he thinks he's got us,
We'll grow back next year,
Weedy but delicious!

Marc said...

Sometimes I enjoy nature more when I'm not preoccupied trying to take a picture of it. I think this weekend was one of those.

And the sunburn doesn't seem too bad, so I think I got away with it!

And... I'm not sure I appreciate your poem :P