Saturday May 8th, 2010

The exercise:

The four line poem prompt this week: let's play pretend.

This may or may not have been inspired by thoughts on how I could totally mess with Greg when we meet up a few hours from now. It's hard to say.


Shall I fake an accent
Or dress up like an elf?
Though they're both quite tempting,
I should just be myself.


Greg said...

Well, I waited for several hours, Marc, and you never showed up. Sure, I was bothered a few times by some guy who seemed to only speak Russian, but I quickly got the hang of ignoring him!
Oh well, let's see what I can make of today's prompt instead then:

Let's play pretend

It's only doctors and nurses,
We're playing "Let's Pretend,"
But I've still taken your appendix out,
Let's see how the game will end!

Actually, it was great meeting you today, and Kat too. You're a great couple :) And I think I owe it to all the readers of your blog to insist that you now use your British accent more ;-)

Marc said...

I don't think that game of doctors and nurses is going to end too well for the patient :P

Yeah, that was a lot of fun. And I'll be happy to butcher the accent in my writing until you all beg me to stop!

morganna said...

Let's play pretend,
Walk to Oregon,
See you later, Mom!

Just a quick bit -- couldn't resist -- that's my kids' favorite pretend, 'walking to Oregon.' (Background -- we live about a 10 hour drive from the Oregon border, in Idaho, so it's pretty funny when my kids want to walk to Oregon.)