Tuesday May 11th, 2010

The exercise:

It's Two Haiku Tuesday. Your topic? The playground.

Went to play on the swings in the park down the street with my friend and her little girl this afternoon. You couldn't find a bigger smile than the one she wore for miles around. Hanging around with kids is a great way to remember how awesome swings are.


Scale the castle walls
Only to come sliding down
Shrieking with laughter

*     *     *

With a gentle push
You swing away from the earth
And soar with dragons


Greg said...

It sounds like it was a pretty fun afternoon then! How are you feeling these days? Still a little tender from the op?

Both haikus work for me, but I like the one with Dragons better. Because Dragons are cooler than castles :)

The playground

The man with sad eyes
Is selling sick dogs to kids
Outside the playground

(Couldn't resist referring to yesterday's prompt again)


No Nintendo games,
No flat screen, no online play,
What playground is this?

morganna said...

energy to burn
lets hurry to the playground
round and round we go

up the ladder, down
and up the slides round we go
running and laughing

Marc said...

Greg - still tender, still tired out really easily, but at least I got out into the sunshine for a while :)

Agreed on the dragons > castles things :)

I like both your haiku but the first one, with its reference to yesterday's contribution, wins the day.

Morganna - I think both your haiku capture the joy of playgrounds :D