Friday December 10th, 2010

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: magic.

Because we're off to see the latest Harry Potter movie in about ten minutes :)

More painting got done today, still on track for Monday night flooring.


"I don't think you cast the spell right," I told Jerry as I took a step back.

"Nonsense! I did it just like it said in the book," he countered, holding his ground.

My last thought before I turned and fled from the slavering monster Jerry had summoned was that Jerry had never been a very good reader.


Greg said...

Hope you enjoy the movie! We saw it when it came out, because Mark wanted to see before we went to South Africa. I think it's ok, just a bit disappointing. And I was really, really hoping that they'd cut out the entire middle of the film (wandering around lost) as it's so dull. And was unnecessary in the book as well.
Oh well.
Poor Jerry. Is this "What happened next" for your court jester? ;-)

"Just like that, aha-aha-aha-aha" said the tall magician in the red fez. Suzie sighed, sure that she'd seen him palm the coin. "You think I palmed it, don't you?" he asked, lifting his hands. From out of nowhere sixteen gallons of ice-cold water drenched Suzie, and as she shivered and gasped he whispered "Magic!"

Zhongming said...

He blink his eyes, eye on eye with king cobra. The triangle shaped head of king cobra moves in the way which totally symbolize his magical trump card, the flute. It wasn't any magic or anything like that but he could make the snake move anyway he play it. So his parent were just couldn't believe that his son aged 5 could do that and thought it's magic.

Marc said...

Greg - that's one very mean magician. I like him :)

Zhongming - ah, snake charmers. Not enough money in the world to get me to even try to learn how to do that.

summerfield said...

marc, is that your way of telling us "jerry fans" to not forget about him? because, i haven't! :-)

at our office Christmas party on thursday, with a view to entertaining the attendees while people are still having their dinner, the DJ performed a card trick, whereby i was made to choose a card from a deck. i did and this guy just had cards coming out of his mouth (i'm sure it's a trick) but instead of amusement, i felt gross! 'tis a good thing the lady next to me had a tube of Purell in her purse!


First I heard his voice and when I turned around, Benjamin was there, with the same smile, and the same sparkle in his eyes and I felt like I was transported back in time.

"Ben!" I called, the excitement in my voice obvious even though I tried to act cool.

It was like a slow motion scene in a movie, the camera panning between the protagonists, like everything else and everyone else were blurred and there was no one else in the scene except Benjamin and me, as he reached for my hands and our fingers intertwined and we just stood there and stared at each other, just staring and not saying anything. It seemed like magic.

Marc said...

Summerfield - it's a way for me to not forget about him too :)

I think you captured that 'magical' feeling very well.