Saturday December 4th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the chef.

Well, we removed the old countertop and kitchen sink and picked up the new counter from the store today. And that's about it.

Unfortunately it's not as simple as sticking the new one where the old one sat - we bought an eight foot section of counter, which is about a foot longer than the previous one. That place is in desperate need of more counter space, but now we have to do some construction to extend the old counter to where we want it. There are other complications as well but I can't be bothered to get into them right now. I'll show you in pictures eventually.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get it finished tomorrow.

Also, in other news: three weeks until Christmas!


He's in the kitchen,
Red-faced and screaming,
While all of his staff
Are off daydreaming.


Zhongming said...

Marc - that sounds like most of the lazy chef :)

The chef

Noise dangling around the wok stove,
He walks up to it and opened the lid,
To his amazement,
He found two rats battling.


Quite awful scene but that's exactly what I saw when I was still a chef :)

Greg said...

@Zhongming: wow! Two rats are not what you want to find in your wok!

@Marc: DIY is never quite as easy as it first appears, is it? Even without seeing your kitchen I'm sure it does need more counter space -- but I always think that about kitchens :)
Your poem sounds disturbingly like a lot of the white male celebrity chefs we have over here in Britain!

The chef
He traces his ancestry through Escoffier,
All the way back to CarĂªme,
But our executive chef is so hopeless,
He can't even whip up a creme!

Watermark said...

Marc: I'm sure the kitchen will turn out amazing when it's done. I also have this thing about kitchens. It's just the centre of the house really - for me anyway :)

Love today's prompt! I agree with Greg's interpretation of your poem :)

Zhongming: Rats battling!!! Yikes! And based on reality too double yikes!! :)

Greg: Neat poem :) The prompt today brought back scenes to me from Masterchef and other foodie reality shows - an avid watcher and it's all quite amusing really :)

Here's mine:


A chef in the making,
Mixing different flavours,
But all what the foodies want,
are hot crunchy fried potatoes.

summerfield said...

i was baking the whole day today and when i bake everybody knows Christmas is coming.

marc, i'm one chef who'd be happy and singing if there's nobody to bugger me when i'm in the kitchen.

zhongming, rats! bad enough when you see them running around, but actually inside a wok, i'd have quit my job.

greg, your poem brings me back to my F&B days at the local college here although it was at bartending that i got the high grades.

watermark, how true; experienced that so many times.

the chef

she chops, dices, slices and minces;
whilst making sure the laundry's done;
stirs, vacuums, folds and mixes,
she's mom, maid, wife, chef all rolled into one.

Marc said...

Zhongming - I would have had a heart attack, right on the spot.

Greg - well, when we finish building our 'proper' home, however many years from now, I shall have to invite you over to see if you'd be satisfied. I believe our latest threat was to make half the house the kitchen.

I was looking forward to what you might come up with for this prompt and you did not disappoint :)

Watermark - I like the sound of your foodies :)

Summerfield - love the rhythm of the poem, though I hope that rest and relaxation fit in there somewhere :)