Tuesday December 14th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: stars.

Things went much more smoothly with the laminate this evening - we managed to get half the living room done. If we can get the rest of the room finished tomorrow then we'll only have the two bedrooms left. Fingers, they be crossed.


Look! A shooting star!
Make a wish and hope that it's
not a UFO.

*     *     *

They watch us at night,
like the twinkling eyes of
a million angels.


Greg said...

Two bedrooms and one week before Christmas (doesn't that sound like a prompt?) -- I reckon you can do it!
I like your first haiku best today, though the second one has an eeriness about it that's very SF (Robert Bloch, perhaps, or Lovecraft).

The stars have come right
And the Elder Gods return
To eat all our souls.


Cartoons teach lessons:
Cats hit with saucepans see stars.
Our cat only died.

Zhongming said...


Little twinkle stars,
Shining as much as you are -
Keep you joyous!

Head facing the skies and
Starlight blinds my vision
Because it's too bright.

Watermark said...


Stars shine in new eyes -
A baby’s fascination,
with the world’s surprise.


Starry skies look down -
secrets in daylight discern,
to those who remain.

summerfield said...

who hits a cat with a saucepan?! hmmmm...interesting.

i like everyone's haiku poems today. and yes, just for alleycat, i studied my haiku well today. :-)


see that li'l bright star?
over there below the moon?
i'll pluck it for you.

your eyes shine like stars
well at least to me, they do.
(though crossed they might be.)

goodnight, gang!

Marc said...

Greg - still laughing at your second haiku. Shocking, in a hilarious kind of way.

Zhongming - your first one is so close! You just need one more syllable in the final line :)

They're both great though.

Watermark - love your first one; I can't resist a rhyming haiku :)

Summerfield - haha, great final line in your second one :)