Tuesday December 21st, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: outer space.

Not sure I'll have internet access today either, so I'm scheduling this just in case.

We're heading to my parent's tomorrow, where I'll definitely be able to log on. So until then, stay safe and have fun!


Silence engulfs me.
Other than the stars, I am
alone with my thoughts.

*     *     *

The final frontier.
Going where no human has...
Is that a Starbucks?


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Ha! Loved the second one. Hey, Starbucks had to come from somewhere, didn't it?
- - - - - - - - - -
'Mid space port chaos
I look to Andromeda,
my adoptive home.

Alas, not much goes
out there, so I'm stuck thumbing
far from home again.

Watermark said...

Outer Space

A lonely star looks
down from outer space and shines –
reach out, wave and smile.


A universe floats
like a bubble, within it,
planet earth lives on.

Zhongming said...

Outer Space

Different beings?
They are still very much alive
Just like you and me.


The only fun when you
Look through the tiny scope is to
See something up there.

Greg said...

@g2: I like your second haiku best I think, there's something amusing and Hitchhiker-like about it.

@Watermark: I like the loneliness you conjure up in your first haiku, but both are good.

@Zhongming: Both your haiku are good, I don't think I can choose between them.

@Marc: Your second haiku is definitely the best, thanks to its surprising twist. But the first one is thoughtful, and I like it a lot.

Outer Space

Beyond the planets,
I build solitary homes
Where Hydrogen rusts.


No solar chaos
Troubles me out here. At last
I've a resting place.

summerfield said...

outer space

an endless darkness
a sea of lonely planets
a deaf'ning silence.


so, are we alone
here in this vast universe?
we may never know.

Marc said...

g2 - really like your second one.

Watermark - those are both lovely.

Zhongming - like them both, but the second one just a little more.

Greg - like them both equally this week.

Summerfield - the first one is lovely, the second... sadly accurate. Because part of me does want to know, but realizes you're right.