Saturday December 18th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: strange behaviour.

Allow me to share a song with you. It has been playing on repeat in my head since around 3:30 this afternoon: We have floors, we have floors, we even haa-ave two doors!

Ahem. So yeah, the floors are finished. The bathroom and one bedroom door are up. Tomorrow we'll get the last door up and as much of the baseboards done as time allows. Also: we really need to get a lot of those construction materials and tools out of the cabin so we actually have room to move in.

One week until Christmas! It appears I won't be doing a countdown like I have the last two years, just not enough time or energy to focus on it. I'll have to do something extra special next year.


The celebration has begun,
As though a championship has been won!
Is that the cause of all this fun?
No, it's just because the flooring is done.


summerfield said...

well, marc, congratulations on almost finishing up the cottage. we will be waiting for pictures. and now you hunt for the proper Christmas tree.

and way to celebrate with a poem.


strange behaviour

colourful clothings, bright candles, merry flowers,
gold balloons, horns tooting, champagne a-flowin'
and in the centre should stand my coffin
this is how you celebrate when i'm a-passin'.

Greg said...

@summerfield: marvellous, if slightly macabre, poem! That's a fantastic way to celebrate someone's life though, I want that too now! (In many, many year time.)

@Marc: I agree with summerfield, well done with the cabin! I'm guessing you won't have a tree if you're off to Vancouver and your parents soon though?
I like your poem too :)

Strange behaviour
Dressed in black and grey,
Dragging a huge squid through the streets,
The Assassin's strange behaviour
Get him stares from everyone he meets.

Zhongming said...

Nice everyone!


Strange behavior

Do I really have to pick one of them?
Can I have the gingerbread?
No, you’ll have the log cake instead.
Nah, I take both of them!


Perhaps a little strange in my poem today but I thought that’s exactly what strange behavior is all about :)

Marc said...

Summerfield - sounds like a fantastic funeral :)

Greg - we'll have a tree next year :)

I love that you managed to tie that into your poem today. Great image :D

Zhongming - fun, strange little poem. Perfect for the prompt :)

Watermark said...

Ooops here's mine:

Strange behaviour

Clouds and wind, then rain and sun,
Picking clothes for the day is just not that fun,
Strange behaviour can be most uncertain,
In a day where seasons end before they’ve begun.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Hm... perhaps an omen of "lunacy" to come??


"'Strange' is a relative word,
it's odd you think me absurd."
You may say that now, but answer me: how
many folks stuff their own birds?

... not entirely sure where my mind's at to consider DIY taxidermy, but that's what I got.

Marc said...

Watermark - ah, the weather. A very appropriate choice for this prompt :)

g2 - that's a fun and strange little poem. Perfect for today! :)