Saturday December 25th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!


He travels the world
Creating millions of smiles;
What I wouldn't give
To have all of his air miles.


summerfield said...

Santa Claus

The Santa looked so real with his snow-white beard
Big tummy, rosy cheeks and his suit is white and red
But when little Jimmy sat down on his big fat knee
He shouted, "Eww, his breath smells not so funny!"

Watermark said...

Been busy and although didn't write a santa poem for today just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas :) Be back again soon!

Greg said...

@watermark: merry Christmas to you too!
@summerfield: that sounds like a very real Santa! True story? Nicely done, and merry Christmas!
@Marc: I'd like Santa's air miles too! Great poem, hope you've had a great Christmas :)
Born of an act of generosity,
In a foreign country centuries ago,
Dressed by Coca-Cola,
Santa's laughing, ho ho ho!

Zhongming said...

Merry Xmas everyone! :)

Santa Cruz

As soon as I see him,
The memories of Jesus flows in.
His presence bring us joy
But the kids only want present.

Marc said...

Summerfield - nicely done :)

Watermark - merry Christmas to you too!

Greg - I like it :)

Zhongming - sad but true. Well done.

Sean said...

A four line poem about: Santa Claus.
(inspired by my son)

Brandon said his sister said Santa wasn’t real
I know the guy at the mall isn’t Santa...I’m not stupid
He can’t be in all the malls at once. Duh!
Santa is awesome but even he needs help!

Marc said...

Sean - haha, I like the logic in that final line :)