Saturday December 11th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: ice.

Snow is falling, we're sitting by the fireplace after a dinner featuring roasted chicken. This afternoon I did some painting while Kat moved some stuff into the (essentially) finished kitchen. It's been a good day.

Tomorrow's plan: get the first coat of paint on the last living room/kitchen wall, move some more stuff into the kitchen, maybe get started on painting the interior doors.

But for now, I rest. And hope that Georges St. Pierre knocks Josh Koscheck into next week in a little less than an hour.


In the middle of a frozen pond,
Isaac lay on his back.
He marveled at the stars above,
Until he heard a crack.


allycatadventures said...

@Marc - lol. You've got a knack for funny or unexpected endings.

allycatadventures said...

Begin with a dozen snowy flakes fallen from the sky
Add talking on cell phones and a paper-thin sheet of ice
Stir in speeding, tailgating and a gallon of arrogance
Staying alive on Seattle’s roads is a roll of the dice.

Zhongming said...

Solidified from water,
Small little cubes that adds wonder.
It nurture the cold and lower the heat,
Mother earth won't be the same without ice.

Greg said...

@Alleycat: that's quite a complex poem there and you've handled it rather well. There's almost prose-feel to it that I rather like.

@Zhongming: your poem made me smile this morning.

@Marc: Roast chicken by the fireside sounds wonderful! And I'm really pleased that your kitchen is finished in time for Christmas too! So... what are you going to be doing in the New Year while you wait for Spring and the cabin's all sorted?
Oh, and poor Isaac... but I'd have done the same to him!

There must have been some magic in that old hat,
For when we placed it on our snowman's head,
He turned into a icy monster,
And now half the town is dead!

summerfield said...

allycat, your poem could be a "slogan" for mad driving anywhere there are mad drivers, just change "seattle" to perhaps "toronto" (where there is an abundance of stupid, cellphone bearing arrogant drivers) and voila!

zhongming, nice picture.

greg, chuckles.

marc, i can empathize with isaac there, for i love staring at the stars, especially when i used to live by the farm many years ago. i ended up in the ditch - not good to star gaze when you're driving in unlit provincial roads :-))



big deceiver when it's on the road
looks like nothing, it fools your eyes
but try driving through it at 50 miles
too late to realize it is black ice.

Marc said...

Allycat - thanks :)

And yeah, those drivers seem to be everywhere. Make me crazy.

Zhongming - nicely done :)

Greg - rest. Hopefully do some novel editing. Rest.

Loved the poem :)

Summerfield - yeah, it might have been an idea to pull over first and *then* look at the stars :P

Funny, I almost did one about black ice. You handled it better than I would have.

Papple said...


Don't lick the ice in the freezer,
It's not a very good pleaser.
Don't jump on frozen pool either,
Or you'll feel like your in the freezer.