Friday December 17th, 2010

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: broken.

Because it is Friday, not Saturday. Friday. Hear that, brain? Stop thinking it's Saturday already.

I got one bedroom finished today, and we're into the final room. Progress was severely delayed (I'm tempted to say 'derailed') by a broken jigsaw blade, but the flooring is getting finished tomorrow, one way or another.

I'll be working on the final bedroom floor and Kat's dad will hopefully get some of the interior doors up. Well, at bare minimum we want the bathroom door installed before we move in. Which is probably going to happen after Christmas.

We're heading to Vancouver on Monday, then over to my parent's place on the island on Wednesday. Not sure exactly when we'll be back in Osoyoos, but we're hoping to be ready to move in when we do. We'll see how the next few days go.


"Bobby, did you break Mama's brand new vase?"

"No, Mama." Then, after a lengthy silence in which Bobby's mother gives him The Look, he says quietly, "Maybe."

"No dessert for two weeks, Bobby."


Greg said...

Heh, I'm actually getting quite confused about the days of the week as well; I always do towards Christmas when people disappear on holiday and Christmas parties happen and the like, as I seem to be in the office less, with fewer reference points.
Well, moving in the New Year is almost as good as Christmas, and it sounds like you're pretty much there on the cabin now! You'll spend the next year finding things you still want to do though :)
Oh, and poor Bobby! I do admire his (eventual) honesty.

The Assassin placed his eye to the rifle's sight, and shifted his weight slightly to get comfortable. In the building opposite, a dark shape moved, and he squeezed the trigger, applying a steady, but demanding, pressure.
The silenced rifle kicked back against his shoulder, and the bullet split the air, shattered a window and struck flesh.
The sushi chef, the owner of the biggest squid in the city, keeled over his hot plate: dead.

summerfield said...

poor bobby! two weeks sans dessert is a little bit cruel, isn't it? "The Look" is always effective though. and you, young people, getting confused with the days of the week just because of the holidays, try being old and confusing every day all year round.

and if get to have sushi every day, i can forego dessert and make pennance with bobby. nice picture there, greg.


(continued from the "plugged in" prompt)

Neves can't believe her ears. "What do you mean it's not plugged in?"

"Gheez, Auntie Nev, see this?" Shayla says popping pink bubble gum while waving an assortment of cables at Neves. "Besides, I think the damn camera's broken."

Heather said...

This time of year is just a killer. I would love to attend a Christmas Party! I haven't been to one in years. Between the 5 family birthday parties I am obligated to attend and traveling to three different states, I just don't have time or energy.

Marc- I just had a similar experience with my son. No look, just the ultimatum that I am giving him one last chance to make the right choice and tell the truth. I find guilt trips are more consistently affective at his age.

Greg- Bad Kitty has a craving for squid? Why else take out the Sushi Chef? Hmmmmm......

Summerfield, I regret to say I haven't read yesterdays' submissions. Even without it, the story makes sense. I hate it when the yung'uns have to show me how to use technology.


"Mama, my 'nowman has 'nopants," she said, glee hidden in the roughness of her sore throat.

My right hand lightly touched her head and traced the soft curls of her hair as I looked over her shoulder. On her paper was a snowman wearing pants, of a sort, and the two of us standing next to it smiling. My broken heart healed a little looking at those smiles-- the first I'd seen since her daddy died.

Zhongming said...

Marc, Greg - About yesterday's post on "plugged in" I find it confusing too. Thanks for the honest comment. Guess I'll have to do something about the structure next time. 

Actually the manager is in the front row watching the performance live on stage. So first part I actually intent to make it like the rocker is moving up there with a "rocker's air". Then the later part is about the singer on drug and he is totally in his dreams, so I wrote about his dreams.

@All - I enjoyed reading everyone's piece today. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 

Merry Christmas :)



The "Once broken considered sold" sign is narrowly placed between the two rows of glassware in the shop. Then the vastly obese man scratching his head thinking "how can I make it across the sign?. There wasn't anybody he could have approach for help to move it away. Next moment before he did anything, someone just trigger the penalty.

Watermark said...

Great job, everyone, with today's prompt. I always find the 4 line prose ones tricky to do.

Here's mine:


“What’s wrong with this thing?”

The photocopier kept throwing out one sheet of paper after another creating a mounting pile on the floor just underneath the photocopier tray, and all the sheets had a huge black stain centred in the middle.

“Errr, you didn’t press the start button, did you?”

An impatient look remained fixated on her face as she flicked her finger at the tiny, smudged sign in the already darkened room which said, “Broken,” while she fiddled with the controls.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, the plan becomes clearer. Nice :)

Summerfield - I like the continuation :)

Heather - ah yes, a good guilt trip does the job just as well.

Sweet four lines, at the same time funny and sad.

Zhongming - ah, okay, I see what you were going for now.

I liked your scene today :)

Watermark - ah, photocopiers. Aren't they always broken?