Monday December 20th, 2010

The exercise:

We're on the road today, heading for Vancouver. Not sure if I'll have internet access tonight, so this post is scheduled.

The prompt? Give me some captions for this National Geographic picture:


"Does anyone remember where we parked the car?"

*   *   *

"Hey, who invited the photographer to the party? Because I know I sure didn't."

*   *   *

"We really need to get another toilet - these lines are getting ridiculous!"


Greg said...

Hope you get to Vancouver safely! Have a great time while you're there, too.
I think I like your first and third best, though none of them are bad.

"This doesn't look like Miami Beach... I knew we should've turned left at Albuquerque!"


Doris had put the egg down just for a second and now no-one could see where it had gone.


Darren hated formal dinner parties; everyone always dressed the same.


"Lads. Lads! LADS! I think we have to be in the water to call it synchronised swimming!"

Zhongming said...


"Hey watch your step! You're gonna fall, kiddo."


"Crap, never knew such narrow path existed! We shouldn't have come here for holiday."


"Don't worry, we'll make it pass here."


"Aye, Aye. You take the lead then!"

summerfield said...


"No, you can't go back until you've washed up!"

"Well, hello, gorgeous. I say, you look nice in your tux!"

"No, thanks. I can't go swimming in my tux."

"Listen to me, y'all! No peeing in the ocean okay?"

Marc said...

Greg - all great, but the last one made me laugh the most :)

Zhongming - I like that yours are all related :)

Summerfield - like Greg's, your last one got the biggest laugh :D