Saturday January 14th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the UFO.

We had a little bit of snow here today, just enough to dust everything in a fine layer of white. Might be going snowshoeing up on the mountain tomorrow, as long as we don't wake up to more snow than I care to drive through.


I can see the bright flashing lights -
It's aliens, no doubt.
Well they can holler all they want,
But I ain't coming out.


Aaron said...

It's nice to be here again.

I'm right here. Take me.
The question, "Are you real?"
Flies with in my inner space. So
Take me now or follow someone else.

Greg said...

Snowshoeing sounds like fun! Btw, I know I took forever to respond to your email, but I just want to check that you did finally get my reply :)
Heh, I'd probably not come out for the aliens either. Not without a butterfly net and a killing jar, anyway!

She was cooking breakfast (not well),
When I came downstairs (what's that smell?),
She asked what I'd like (I'd like to reject)
I said "An egg" (Unidentified Frying Object)

Greg said...

@Aaron: looks like we posted at almost the same time! Nice to see you back again, and I like the enthusiasm your poem has for the UFO. Much more practical than many people seem to be about them!

Anonymous said...

greg, HA!


bright light in dark of night
makes manoeuvres turning right
piloted by little grey men
awaiting disclosure, I wonder when

David said...

No access to a the internet today - so writing this on my blackberry. Thank God it's only 4 lines.

Little Green Men invade my dreams
To take me away
From this life
That I fear

David said...

To prove that an entire poem changes with one word, here's an alternate version that came to me as I pressed publish

Little Green Men invade my dreams
To take me away
From the life
That I loathe

Krystin Scott said...

Unknown beings from far away
Fly their crafts of steely gray.
Occupied with intentions of their quest.
Stargazing humans never find rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking to the press, I'm not. Oh no, no sirree!
And I'm not going with no nurse neither, you can keep your psychiatry.
I'll just say this whole story was entirely falsified:
That damn flying saucer I didn't see, sure wasn't unidentified.

Nita said...

They taunt me from the corner of the dining room.
Their patterns left scattered in baskets.
Yarn, Thread, Cloth, Needles, and Loom.
My (U)n(F)inished (O)bjects will follow me to my casket.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Nita - You to? I've got so many of those! Including the materials for the Little Orphan Annie Costume I was going to make for my redhead... Lost... that one is.

anyway I"m off to space as Rachael from NaNo 2011 wants to have her say:

My space ship is a frisbee
It's a classical design
Rotating disk, engine beneath
Cathryn's UFO design

I had way to much fun designing spaceships for that book :}

Iron Bess said...

Streaks of blue with yellow chasers
Make my midnight terrace bright.
A small green man with black bright eyes,
Looks impassively on my demise.

(First time you can see I am not a poet! Looks like a fun site.)

Marc said...

Aaron - welcome back!

Assuming the aliens are friendly, I think a ride in a UFO would be pretty damned fun :)

Greg - I did get your email, thanks very much for the info. I'd meant to get back to you but got distracted, apparently.

Great fun little poem :)

Writebite - the truth is out there...

David - hah, good timing then! Hopefully you'll have a proper way to write for the next prompt :)

Fascinating that you've got two totally different poems with the change of only one word.

Krystin - I like that your poem could refer to the pilots as either humans visiting elsewhere or aliens visiting here. I don't know if that was your intention, but that's how I'm reading it :)

Anon - love the voice in your poem! Just makes the whole piece work :)

Nita - haha, very nicely done :)

Makes me glad that all my unfinished writing projects can be easily tucked away on the computer or in a notebook. Makes it hard for them to stare at me :P

Elor - yeah, world building is a lot of fun. I don't indulge in that often enough. Hmm...

Iron Bess - welcome! Don't worry, I only force poetry on you guys on Saturdays... oh, and haiku on Tuesdays. But other than that!

And that looks to me like a poem, so I reckon that makes you a poet :D

I really liked the imagery in the first two lines, it really set the scene nicely.

Looking forward to seeing more writing from you!