Sunday January 8th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about: homework.

Tech issues are ongoing. I only have a few minutes of battery life left, so I'll get to the comments whenever I have a working adapter again.

Hopefully tomorrow.


Miss Brown wants to know
Where'd my homework go.
I ask what she meant,
'Cause it never went.


Greg said...

You clearly need a solar-powered laptop! Although you might have to stop putting your posts up before you go to bed then :)

Judy sighed. The slight hangover from the tequila didn't help, but she was pleased that it was as slight as it was. As she got older she seemed to be able to drink more, and the young bucks – she giggled mentally at calling them that, since they were probably all over thirty-five – at the bar last night had been impressed.
She slipped out of her dressing gown, leaving it on the bathroom floor. Two of them were still in her bed, and she'd have to chase them off after she'd made breakfast. Had she been like this when she was younger? She didn't think so.
As the hot water flooded over her and she shook her hair out to wash it she started thinking about the day ahead. So many little things needed doing around the house now, and though she was getting the hang of some of them, there were others that just mystified her. As she picked the shampoo bottle up she suddenly smiled. She'd get the two boys to help her with the housework – no, call it homework! – before she let them go.

Anonymous said...


the dog ate my homework,
I left it near my lunch,
my efforts I don't shirk
but he's smarter after his munch

David said...

“What’s the answer?”
“I’m not doing your homework for you.”
“I’ll be your best friend.”
“I have enough friends.”
“I’ll give you a million dollars.”
“Ok, what?”
“Give me a million dollars.”
“Oh . . . I don’t have a million dollars. How about my Pokemon cards”
“No thanks.”
“Then, uh, um, uh . ..”
“Sixty Three”
“The answer is sixty three.”
“Of course”
“You sure?”
“I know everything”
“Ok, then, what’s the next one?”
“Just give it here, I don’t want to see you in pain.”

Cathryn Leigh said...

Ha ha Greg took my idea of homework being another name for housework. Hope those young bucks do a good job for her.

And now a reflection on my kids. :}


My son he goes to day-care
My daughter's in Kindergarten
Each day papers come home
Work they have to do
It really makes me frightened
Of the homework they'll get from High School

morganna said...

Exam is
Killing me!
Sorry, it was the best I could do. It's been a long morning already.

Nita said...

“So what's it look like?”

“Well, I figured it up. There are 6 weeks for this class. We have 3 drug calc quizzes, 3 practice exams, 4 chapter exams, and 7 NCLEX subject exams. There are 4 ATI simulator modules, where the main objective is to not kill your patient, 3 17+ page care plans, and one of those learning activity sheets that looks like it'll be easy until you get started and realize it'll be a 5-page paper. Then there's the 76 clinical hours from the 8-12 hour shifts at the hospital and various clinics, and the extra hours we have to schedule on the IV simulator in the lab.

If that's everything, then I think we might just have enough extra time to breathe and drink something caffeinated in between. Actual meals are probably out, and we should probably plan on getting something along the lines of negative sleep hours. Got it?”

“Yeah. No sleep, junk food, chocolate and coffee, and 12 hour days at the hospital. So basically the same as last time.”

“Pretty much.”


Unfortunately, this is my reality. And as soon as we take our finals for this 6 weeks, we go directly into another 6 weeks that will look just like it.

Oh, by the way, the other voice in this is my daughter. She's in the same program.

Audey said...

Ideal response to homework assignments:
"Mr. Meyer, instead of the sketchbook assignment I've decided to work on the obscene amount of homework in AP classes. In it's place I will turn in this paper I simply smashed my head against."
"Mr. Conkel, would accept 'fuck you' as an answer to every single one of these gas law problems, and the lab report?"

Anonymous said...

I almost didn't do this one(and picked a previous post) but at the last minute I found a little inspiration:

Terese lay back against the wall, hoping it continued to support her full weight, as she felt vastly unable to do such a simple thing herself at the moment. Her heart pounded so hard in her chest she could feel the sound as an actual force in her body, reverberating through her head, causing her vision to swim wildly. A curious tightness was spreading in her chest and she realized with panic that she had forgotten to take the next logical breath. Gasping in suddenly, she felt some relief flood in with the oxygen and her mind took the opportunity to speak to her in a harsh tone, demanding she get a GRIP, for gods sake! She just could not stand here the rest of the night with this gun in her hand! She had been given a task, “homework” he had called it, and she had thirty minutes left before it had to be turned in.

Marc said...

Greg - as long as the charge lasted until bed time it would work!

Sounds like Judy is doing well for herself :)

Writebite - mmm, I've always been a big fan of learning by osmosis :D

David - haha, sounds like a conversation or two I had in school. Sadly, I've been on both sides of that one :P

Elor - ah, but just imagine the quiet time you'll get while they're working away on their math problems!

Morganna - heh, if I'd thought of doing an acrostic I certainly would have, so no need to apologize :)

Nita - that... is a heck of a lot of work. Good luck to both of you!

Audey - haha, excellent. I think I might have thought something very similar to that second one at various points in university :)

H.N. - I'm glad inspiration struck, as I quite enjoyed that. Really captured that forgetting to breathe feeling nicely :)