Tuesday January 31st, 2012

The exercise:

The last day of January brings with it a request for two haiku about: fashion.

Feeling sleepy, so that's all you're getting out of me right now.


All the latest trends
are not meant for this old soul -
give me tried and true.

*     *     *

What are you wearing?
To be completely honest,
I'm not really sure.


Greg said...

These months go by quicker every year....
I like both haiku a lot today, but the second one just edges in as the winner. If only because I can imagine you actually saying that :)

The fashion this year
Is all-zombie outer-wear.
It's eating itself!


She's tony and slim,
He's got more ribs than Adam,
Fashion is lethal.

Anonymous said...

greg, agrred!


I am not a slave
to the fashion industry
they just want to sell

I dress for comfort
to show my own unique style
not dictated to

Cathryn Leigh said...

Psst Marc - you must be tired. Today is...oh wait never mind you did post the prompt on the last day of January... this is what getting up at 5 am to get in some writing does to you (and I really out to be working on PT... anywho onto haiku!)


gossamer gowns and
silken threads adorn her now
lost in times fabric

I see the fashions
of yesteryear have come back
that now my kids wear

Anonymous said...

Who knew I would finally compose my first haikus at 3:30 AM on my smartphone. Yet here I am. Maybe now I can get back to sleep??

Fifty dollar shirt?
I laugh at retail, checking
Out at the thrift store.

All the commercials
Selling a feeling, give me
Comfort anyday.

Krystin Scott said...

Bound tight, short of breath,
Lacy, masochistic, thing!
Medieval corset.

Knee-length woollen cloth
makes a tartaned gaelic dress
Kilts are all the rage.

Iron Bess said...

Chic, fad, bold, brand, look,
all fashion conscience words
Not applicable.

Faded, dated, slouch
definitely describe me.
Anti haute couture.

Sister Christian said...

Oh dear, I hope Eloo isn't sick? Or snowed in, and too cold to type?

morganna said...

Fashion is fickle
Models are so difficult
But it pays the bills.

Anonymous said...

It is 'to die for'.
The message is crystal clear.
What a load of crap.

A mental disease,
'Consumption'out of control.
They call it 'fashion'.

Marc said...

Greg - zombie fashion, huh? I suppose it's only a matter of time...

Writebite - great statements in both haiku, particularly the second.

Elor - yeah, posting these at the end of my day tends to screw things up a bit. But it seems to keep working out this way so... *shrug*.

Love your first haiku :)

H.N. - ah, middle of the night writing. Nothing like it :)

Like both of yours, though I can especially relate to the first one.

Krystin - haha, love the description in your first one. Those things were ridiculous.

Iron Bess - wonderful contrast between the two :)

Sister C - all is well, I just post on a (late night) Pacific schedule :)

Morganna - it is an odd industry, isn't it?

GZ - 'a mental disease', what a perfect description!

Ruby is Back said...

Fashion-My Life...