Tuesday January 3rd, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: hell.

Will next week's Two Haiku Tuesday ask for heavenly haiku? It's quite possible.

It's also entirely possible that I'll forget by then.


A dust covered room
with no possible escape -
my allergic hell

*     *     *

Please scream louder, my
demon begs. I'm this close to
my next promotion.


Greg said...

Hmm, hell? Just what's the weather been like over there in Osoyoos lately?
I think I like your first haiku better this week, though the second one definitely made me smile.

For a claustrophobe
Yesterday's elevator
Was the purest hell.


The receptionist
Says this ain't hell's anteroom.
Let the children scream!

Anonymous said...

great guys! agree with the allergies.

hell - haiku

do i believe in
a hell that cannot exist?
no, it is right here -

when forests burn up
when people murder others
plagues, floods, famine, drought

David said...

Nice work everyone

My attempts

Awake in the night
Sweltering heat roasts my soul
Dreams so far away

Piercing shrieks call out
The evil man calls my name
My life is his now

morganna said...

Everyone thinks
It's fire and brimstone but
Consider the ice.

I can smell the mouse
I can hear the mouse, but I
Can't quite reach the mouse!
-- Cat

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Morganna - ever read any of the Darkover books by marrion Zimmer Bradley. I belive their hell was ice. :}

Okay now for my own attempts at Hell Hiaku

Deep in the dungeon
Filling with cries of despare
Our heroine goes

Connected close by
Our hero can not help her
his hell is to wait

:} Sarah and Jason provide me with so much inspiration... I wonder if I coudl work these in as a chapter header in Pheonix Triumphant... *grin*

Aholiab said...

apparently hell can be hot or cold...

Hell Haiku

Scorpions pausing,
Stingers poised. Anticipate
Painful summer death.

No chisels, hammers.
No needle-sharp steel ice picks.
No ice in my drink.

Marc said...

Greg - quite pleasant, actually :)

Hah, love that your first one makes reference to the elevator prompt!

Writebite - hell on Earth indeed. Well conveyed.

David - really like the middle line in your first haiku :)

Morganna - hah, two great haiku, particularly the second one. Though I like the first one for that final, thought provoking line.

Elor - 'his hell is to wait', that's a fantastic finishing line.

Aholiab - I think your second one really captures the potential misery of hot weather :)

Nita said...

That was pretty cool. By definition, they have to be short. :)

Drug cards await me.
Nursing considerations.
School will start Monday.

A fear of the soul.
More my present than future.
Hell follows the past.

Marc said...

Nita - haha, yeah I gotta keep you guys in check a few days a week or I'd spend all my time reading instead of writing :P

Really liked your second haiku.

avartorman5/6 new said...

1. as the demons whip
me. i scream please stop i
beg of, you to stop
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
2. the devil screeches
his evil song of demons
and servants of sin

Marc said...

Avartorman - really like the rhythm of your second one, must be all those esses. Nicely done!