Saturday January 7th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: tech support.

Having some laptop issues around here this evening. At first I thought the battery was dying, then I suspected the adapter of flaking out. Turns out the adapter cord is getting wonky. Hopefully I'll be able to get it replaced soon, as holding it in place so that it actually charges the battery is a pain.


Please help, I don't know what to do!
My laptop is screaming at me!
Jeff sighed and told his coworker
To gently tap his Caps Lock key.


Greg said...

At least the cord is probably the cheapest part to replace! But yeah, it's a real pain if the battery won't charge, as it kind of stops being portable at that point. I hope the replacement is with you soon :)
Is that a real story, by the way? It sounds familiar....

Tech Support
He says his weight is glandular,
But our tech guy still wears a bra.
I've heard of tech support,
But this going way too far!

Cathryn Leigh said...

Totally love Marc's poem, but Greg's... I'm not to sure I like the images it brings to mind. :}

Tech Support
inspired by my husband's woes

Being in Computer Security
It's very hard to find
A person know knows more than you
On the Tech Support line

Nita said...

Ugh. I am my family's tech support. I spent New Year's Eve at my bil and sil's house working on a Nook Color, brand new laptop, and and older desktop. At least they feed me well for it. :)

I hope the new cord works out for you.

My family loves me. They show it, too.
They call me one by one.
With questions like: “What did I do?”
And “Can you make it run?”

Audey said...

Try restart?
Oh yes I did.
Oh I guess I'll do it again,
And again.

Anonymous said...

tech support

How many eggs does it take
to bake this cake?
I ask my mother, should I bother?
She answers two in her back report;
on her I rely for my tech support.

David said...

No warranty?
Five hundred dollars
No service plan?
Five thousand dollars

.... at least I can say I wrote today.

Anonymous said...

nita, nice blog u have there.

Nita said...

writebite, the really sad thing is that I'd forgotten all about those. Glad you liked it.

Aholiab said...

The household laptop is having similar issues. The battery failed - replaced; the power adapter failed - replaced; the power connector failed - DON'T BUMP IT! I'm just glad computers are a passing fad...

Tech Support

My name is a foreign tree.
Do you have a warranty?
Did you call ‘tween four and three?
Never use a torrent free!

Marc said...

Greg - wasn't as cheap as I was expecting, but at least it was a bit less than a new battery (which probably would have been an even bigger pain to locate).

Thanks for the smile your poem provided :)

Elor - I always hated calling tech support at any of my jobs. They were so used to dealing with idiots that it was a struggle to get them to understand I actually knew a thing or two.

Nita - good food is the best payment :)

Audey - and again and again and... :)

Writebite - haha, great twist on the prompt :)

David - sounds like a trip to the mechanic :P

Aholiab - haha, ugh. I feel your pain.