Tuesday January 17th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: chess.

A long time ago, way back when I still worked at EA, I joined an online chess site at the urgings of several coworkers. We played a bunch of games against each other and had a lot of fun. We gradually began playing less, several of them left or were laid off, and then I quit too. I continued playing for a while but then eventually stopped altogether.

But recently I've been bitten by the chess bug again so I got back in touch with the site (having to get them to switch my account from my work email address to one I actually have access to) and I'm at it again. It's free to sign up at RedHotPawn, so if you'd care to challenge me to a game I'd be happy to play.


Surveying the board,
the king whispers to his queen,
"The pawns look nervous."

*     *     *

Attacked from all sides,
the king cries as he brings his
gun to his temple.


Greg said...

Working at EA gave you enough time to play chess? Aren't they notorious for believing that a twenty-four hour day is just three working days put conveniently close together? ;-)
I shall take a look at your red hot pawn (there's a smutty joke in there somewhere), and maybe even find time to challenge you!
I like the first haiku best, though I bet you wanted 'rebellious' instead of 'nervous'!

She thought it would be
Fun at a musical. Not
Karpov v. Fischer.


Chess-boxing is fun
Though I never think clearly
After the boxing.

Anonymous said...

Chess - haiku

black and white pieces
strategize a game of war
where the winner takes all

king, queen, pawn and horse
make your play to bishop's rook
patient vision wins

Krystin Scott said...

Once upon a blitz
The master made a blunder
mate turns to end game.

I thought Haiku's were only assigned on Tuesdays.. =P

David said...

Red Hot Pawn - i should have used that in mine.

Anthony chose black
Carissa also chose black
Wait, what are the rules?

I took his bishop
He took my rook, knight and queen
I flipped the board up

Krystin Scott said...

@ Greg - OMG chess-boxing is real... I thought you made it up so I googled it to see if it was a play on words or meant something other than the obvious...Ya learn something new every day!

@writebite - very descriptive, That's excactly what it takes to play chess strategy and patience. Probably why I'm not very good.

@david - What a fun way to approach the prompt. Both made me smile.

@everyone else Your all inspiring and creative authors and I look forward to seeing your work every afternoon.

Anonymous said...

(With apologies to Jackson and McCartney)

Armies stand ready.
Ebony and Ivory
Advance to the Death.

A single Pawn moves,
Knights and Queens lay defeated,
The King tips his crown.

morganna said...

Board at the ready
White surveys black -- feints a pawn
The game is afoot!

Sister Christian said...


cold heartless deep blue
pulling no punches, pounding
garry kasparov



"slip'ry customer!"
is what you get called if you
challenge your old gran

Gerimi said...

From a gilded square
the Knight covets his King’s Bride
She who rules the board

Plot devious schemes
that crumble as pawns rebel
Checkmate ensnares us

Cathryn Leigh said...

E A Sports... it's in the Game...

pkay now that I haev that out... sorry watched my hubby play their hockey game too much, now he does it for real. On to the Haiku (heh I think I can spell that without thinking now)


You say strip poker
But knowing our intelect
Let us play strip chess

I'm geeky inside
On the Linolium floor
I move like a Knight

The first on is dedicated to Greg, there is a movie called Chess. And yes I have done what is described in the second one :}

Iron Bess said...

@Marc...I love, love, love your first haiku.
@Greg...most excellent. Love the Karpov/Fisher reference.
@Writebite...you nailed the game.
@Krystin...reminds me of KungFu for some reason.
@David...yup, I have felt that way many times before.
@Grond...to me it feels like a western. I can just see Clint as a king.
@Cathryn...strip chess, love it!

Here is mine

I was crowned a queen
During an epic war game.
I mated then killed.

The game mimics life,
Now the bishop says check please,
Then runs from danger.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah... we might have gotten in a bit of trouble for it :P

I'll second Krystin... I can't believe chess boxing is an actual thing. That's amazing.

Writebite - two excellent haiku :)

Krystin - very nicely done!

And, well, I posted on Tuesday... my time, at least :)

David - your first made me laugh, the second I could relate to :D

Grondzilla - wonderfully vivid imagery.

Morganna - really captures that feeling at the start of a game.

Sister Christian - love the contrast between your haiku, so much life and vitality in the second compared to the mechanical, emotionless in the first.

Oh, and welcome to the blog!

Gerimi - two great haiku, particularly the first from the knight's point of view.

And a warm welcome to the blog to you as well :)

Elor - shudder. That damned voice... whoever that is must be silly rich.

Haha, I could picture you in the second - that's totally something I would do.

Iron Bess - thank you!

Some real animal kingdom'ness going on in that first haiku - great stuff :)