Saturday January 21st, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: your type.

Today marks the six year anniversary of my diagnosis as a Type One diabetic. But, far more enjoyably, it's also my third annual Diabetes Donut Day.

I went back to the Canadian Maple this year - I'd actually forgotten that's what I had the first time, I just remembered I'd had an Apple Fritter last year and wanted something different.

Also: there's enough snow on the ground for Kat and I to go snowshoeing in the orchard. So that's what we did.


If I'd been given the choice,
I would have surely picked none;
But I had not the privilege,
I was just labeled Type One.


Greg said...

Ah, I thought your doughnut day was coming up soon! I'm pretty certain I tried Canadian Maple at Tim Horton's; it was good, definitely!
I really like how your poem reads interestingly both with the context of your post, and as an abstract, no-context at all poem.

Your type
"What's your type?" the article read.
"Rubbish. It means font." He dismissively said.
And it made him angry (though it has its fans)
When it declared he was 'Comic Sans'.

Anonymous said...

your type

blond with beard, red or brown
what's all the hype?
i want laughter, no frown,
that's my type

Sister Christian said...

Mantological typology
Betwixt brown eyes and blue
Tediferous Berlin Sans FB Demi?
I favour you... and you... and... you!

Iron Bess said...

Yoiks! Poetry again. I'm not sure if I suck more at critiquing it, or writing it. Either way it is a wash.


Could I be a Type A
What a big surprise.
But not on a Sunday
I have to surmise.

Krystin Scott said...

A rare and valiant soldier,
Though the fight is somewhat grave,
As the universal donor,
My Type O, your life will save.

Anonymous said..., with a partially functioning frontal lobe today I'll aim for ryhme and say to hell with the meter.

The pigeonholes by now have been well and truly worn.
Pessimist, misanthrope and surly hermit guy.
I laugh and counter them with just a touch of scorn.
Try, "Realist, historian and just a little shy."

Anonymous said...

Been a long time since I stretched the poetry making part of my mind. Hmmm:

So many types, where do I start?
Four short lines, my views to impart
Personality, fonts, blood, love
All so reminiscent of...

Cathryn Leigh said...

Nice work everyone. Someone already took blood type so perhaps I'll try something else. Not sure what.

He may be a little geeky and a flirt, that's for sure.
Some find that he's imposing, tall bald and goatee.
But he's my darling husband, father of my children.
Though at first I wasn't sure, he's my type until the end.

sure it's sappy, but hey, he's my guy :P *giggles*

David said...

I'll try a mediocre acrostic. Nice job all.

Tell her
Your dreams
Perhaps they
Equal yours

Marc said...

Greg - making me smile with font jokes? Only you.

Writebite - sounds like a fine preference to me!

Sister C - haha, great last line :)

Iron Bess - practice, practice, practice... :D

Krystin - very nicely done.

GZ - love the contrast between the second and fourth lines :)

H.N. - that's what I'm here for!

Elor - great sentiment in your final line :)

David - short and sweet! Love it.