Saturday January 28th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the way you write.

Kat and I went (five pin) bowling tonight for the first time in a very long time. I bowled regularly growing up but recently I've only gone once or twice a year at most.

Anyway, I did much better than I was expecting. It was the sort of night that could tempt me to get back into it.

Not sure that's a good thing.


Bang head against wall,
Confront blank pages with fear;
Just keep repeating
Until inspiration appears.


Greg said...

I go bowling pretty infrequently as well, and I always find that the presence of beer at those events just doesn't help :)
And it's a good thing so long as it provides you with writing inspiration!
I like today's poem, it's good instruction for writing!

The way you write
Engraved deep in the page,
Are letters: survivors of a fight,
They battered, bruised and broken,
But that's just the way you write.

writebite said...

iPad in front of me
I wait for the words to strike
different styles offer themselves to me
which will it be tonight?

Iron Bess said...

The Way I Write

At practice words just appear,
I am not in control.
As I walk my mind writes,
Every step extends the prose.

Marc - As Herbert says, fear is the little death.
Greg - It sounds painful.
WB - Good for you.

Now I have to run and go buck some trees up, unfortunately when the chain saw is screaming I am concentrating on the job and cannot allow my mind to wander.

Krystin Scott said...

@Marc - Ouch. With over three years of consecutive writing, I imagine you have had your share of goose eggs. What an accomplishment to always have overcome that fear. For 1329 days an inspired work has appeared without fail.

@ Greg - I think we come from the same school of thought,the words do seem to take a good beating before they make the page. BTW I really appreciate the research you do before writing. I missed it at first, being new and all but after the chess-boxing thing, I have given your little details a lot more attention.

@ WB - perfect, I wish I had thought of it.

@ IB - Darlin' we want to see ya back tomorrow so do what ya gotta do, carefully. I really liked your poem, glad im not the only one walking around lost in thought.

It starts with just a thought, a mere fantasy.
Then soon a world takes shape.
With just a vague idea of what's to be,
I start to write. My own escape.

Grondzilla said...

Marc - A variant of (what I always thought was Heinlein's) Writing, Butt in chair.

Greg - So Marc's the Masocist and you are the Sadist? ;)

Writebite - We're in the same 'verse

IB - So it's all about the *environment*?

The dial goes back and forth and to and fro.
Suddenly, there is a signal
and the radio in my head starts playing.
My fingers stab down, transcribing the ether.

Marc said...

Greg - I like the idea that only the survivors make it to the page.

Writebite - beautifully expressed :)

Iron Bess - I find that when I'm doing something that doesn't require my full concentration, that's when my best ideas arrive.

Agreed, though - chainsawing is not one of those things ;)

Krystin - some days, blessedly, inspiration arrives pretty quickly :)

Thank you for the kind words though.

Re: Greg - I'm not sure how much research he does before writing here. I think he just knows a ridiculous range of stuff :D

I like your approach to writing, by the way.

GZ - fantastic poem. I think that's one of my favorites from you so far.

writebite said...

really nice takes folks.
my novels wrote themselves,

Cathryn Leigh said...

The Way I write

Imagination set free, romancing away the day.
Then trouble strikes and a tale appeares, To ruin my lovers day.
The words pour forth on to the page, I cannot stop this now.
Their herats cry, Please let us have a happy ever after, for now.

I definatley enjoyed everyones poems. Yesterday I got pulled in two directions, which really trhew me off so I never got to this prompt. At least I was e-mailing Charley R (aka Spook) and we've always got some role play going, so I count those as my daily writing (if I have to). :}

David said...

God Takes hold
I'm not smart enough
To write this Crap

Marc said...

Writebite - thanks for the link, I'll check it out as soon as I can.

Elor - love that 'for now' at the end, as though they know you'll never truly leave them alone :)

David - haha, I've definitely had days like that :D