Friday July 13th, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: condition.

There's some impressive lightning going on outside right now, looks like on the other side of the lake. Hoping it stays over there, as I can see it better that way.

Plus, you know, keep that downpour crap out of here.

Back at the market tomorrow morning!


"I thought the ad in the paper said the car was in mint condition," I said, more to myself than the nervous bearded man jingling the keys in his left hand.

"Yeah, exactly," he replied, rather unhelpfully.

"Exactly what?" I asked, though I really should have known better.

"Was in mint condition," he said slowly, "as in, past tense, dude."


Greg said...

The lightning sounds nice. I was lucky, it was raining as I went to sleep last night, and that's a very soothing sound.
I love the idea that the car owner was only being pedantically honest in his advert. I wasn't quite sure what the punchline was going to be, but I enjoyed it when it arrived!

Carlos Dészegerégy, Linguist First Class (non-Whorfian) tapped his pen thoughtfully against his tombstone-like teeth. The condition of the translation-device suggested that his colleague, Irena Novosibirsk, had had one of her temper tantrums again.
"When I said, 'Condition the system', I meant that you should run the training programs again," he said.
Irena picked the broom-handle back up and started towards him, snarling, "I will condition you next, Dészegerégy!"

Morrigan Aoife said...

"Kelly hurry up and come in here, you're never going to believe who's on Jerry Springer!"

"Someone we know is on Jerry Springer?"

"Yeah, Randy Daniels!"

"Seriously? What's his deal?"

"Isn't it obvious? He suffers from acute stupidity!"

Marc said...

Greg - Hah, 'tombstone-like teeth' is a great description. So vivid!

Morrigan - ah dear, acute stupidity is not a condition with any known cure. Well, you know, other than death.