Saturday July 28th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: fame.

Pretty decent market today, even with selling a lot of produce to the restaurant yesterday. We brought the last of our apricots and sold most of them, with the leftovers destined for our harvest boxes on Monday. And it was the best market so far for my greeting cards, which definitely put me in a good mood.

This evening I watched a couple of TED talks with Kat, and this one in particular seemed like something you guys would want to see.


I want to walk these streets
Without drawing second looks;
I don't want people to know me,
I just want them to know my books.


Greg said...

Ah, you make me wish I has a fruit&veg box delivery. I really must see if there are any in London that will deliver late enough (or on weekends) for me.
And well done with the greetings cards too! I'm glad they're selling well :)
I hope one day to be able to relate to your poem today; I'd love to hear people talking about my books (which I have yet to write, obviously...) without knowing I'm the author!
The TED speech was really good, I enjoyed all of that. Now I have to go hunt down some geniuses to populate the walls of my flat with.
[Don't expect much from my poem today, I'm afraid, I think I'm all drained after that wretched iambic pentameter monstrosity for the Poetry Tournament.]

Notoriety is
The other side of fame.
A little easier
Because you take the blame!

Cathryn Leigh said...

Loved the TED Speech. Thank you for the link. I have to say I completely agree with it. It aligns with my theory that all stories are true, we’ve just been chosen to write them down. Parallel universe and world theory, I suppose, but makes it fun to wonder what kinds of stories about us are getting out there. *grins*

My mind is also a little fried form the Poetry Tournament – but I’ll do my best for fame, now being inspired by your link.

Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame.
But, what do they do when their turn is gone?
Back to being anonymous and lame,
And hoping to be back before too long.

Personally though, I’d like Marc’s kind of fame. I like my small circles, but if I can use my fame to... oh help youth realize their creative dreams, then in that case, bring it on! :}

Marc said...

Greg - aye, having my work known without me personally being famous would be a dream come true.

And I thought you'd like that bit about the geniuses in the walls :D

Yes, that does seem like an easier, though less pleasant, route to fame.

Cathryn - you are most welcome :)

Excellent poem, though I fear too many people cling to their fifteen minutes just a little too tightly and for much too long.