Tuesday July 24th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: driving.

Finally got around to harvesting the rest of our garlic this morning before getting to work on weeding out our beets. Poor buggers have not been enjoying our weather this season, though the same could not be said about the weeds around them.

This afternoon was mostly spent running errands in and around Penticton, some more successfully than others. I'm about ready for bed right now.


Drifting to the left,
oncoming traffic panics
while he checks his texts

*     *     *

Rage slowly building
until she unleashes it
upon innocents


Greg said...

What kind of weather do beets enjoy then? I'm mildly embarrassed to admit that my knowledge of gardening doesn't extend much beyond "stick it outside, it knows what weather is". (Ok, it's not quite that bad, I know about hardening off, and I'm getting my chili plants to produce bigger pepper each year, but still....)
The Olympics are almost happening here in London, so very soon I shall be hating tourists more than normal :) That may or may not inspire haikus today.
I think I like your first haiku better as I hate seeing people driving and using a mobile.

The Olympic lane
Is for press and officials
As tourists don't drive


Wearing just speedos,
Because grandfather is deaf,
Thought you said 'diving'

Cathryn Leigh said...

Marc - hard to choose between your haikus, but I may go for the second only becasue I know someone whose actually followed someone out of road rage. O.o

Greg - I have to say I like your second one best as well... but how many speedos is grandpa wearing? :}

Driving South

Leaving the house now,
It's a long way to Nana's
Driving trhough the night

Cloudy to sunny,
Weather slowly warming up.
Winter vacation!

It's 14 hours from our house to the granparents in FL, but we make the trip every March. It's a wonderful break form winter weather. :}

Morrigan Aoife said...

Eighty miles per hour
A left turn from the right lane
No blinker at all.

The gray haired lady
Grips the cars wheel with both hands
Yet can't see the road

Marc said...

Greg - cooler weather, generally. I think the worst part this year was the drastic shift from chilly days to blistering heat.

Ah yes, it's your turn to host this go 'round. Vancouver had it two years ago and I recall avoiding it as much as possible.

Hah, speaking of which - I can relate to your first one!

Cathryn - I have been tempted to do that on more than one occasion, but thankfully thought better of it.

That sounds like a visit that is well worth the drive!

Morrigan - argh, people that don't use blinkers are my road nemeses. The absolute worst.

Rachna said...

Haiku consists of 17 syllables, how do you define the same in your haikai

Morrigan Aoife said...

Im not sure i understand Rachna...

I use the 5 7 5 format when I write haiku's
I also use a syllable checker just to make sure that the way I pronounce words doesn't affect the count.