Tuesday July 31st, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: two.

Yeah, I'm not sure how that's going to work out for everybody, but seeing as today marks two years since Kat and I were married, I don't much care. We've got two and we're all just going to have to deal with it!

We took the day off, which was nice. Had lunch up in Naramata, at one of the winery bistros we visited on our brief, local honeymoon after the wedding (in other words, not the Jamaica honeymoon, which came several months later). Took this before heading home:

Kat's friend arrived just in time for dinner this evening - looking forward to putting her to work tomorrow as we harvest for this week's restaurant order!


Nice to meet you. Blink.
Without a doubt, I do. Blink.
Two years later. Blink.

*     *     *

After years as ones,
we became two. Not long now
until we are three.


Greg said...

I'm sure the whole point of your daily writing practice is to get us to challenge ourselves a little (even though when I'm feeling lazy I cop-out and just write a definition instead), so two to theme haikus is perfectly fine.
Happy Anniversary! That's a great picture by the way, I swear neither of you look like you've changed at all since I saw you in Vancouver (is that really three years ago now?).
I like your second haiku better today, though it's a close call on them.


"A brace of currants?"
The waiter thinks we're funny –
He brings us the pair.


The lonely tango
Needs just one dancer to dance.
I wish there were two.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Happy (slightly belated) anniversary! No haikus from me, but I wanted to pass along my congratulations and props for the photo. If it's one of those hold-out-the-arm self deals, it's really quite impressive. My mother is the queen of those photos. She had it down to an art well before I was born, never mind before things went digital.

If it's not one of those photos, it's a lovely picture all the same, and on top of my congratulations you get a slightly-relevant-but-mostly-irrelevant anecdote.


Marc said...

Greg - three years ago already? Goodness me, time is certainly flying.

Really like your second one this week.

g2 - thanks very much! I appreciate you dropping in just to pass that along :)

And yes, it is one of those hold-out-the-arm deals. First try, in fact! Though I was quite surprised to find that there was no need for a second, third, etc attempt.

Hope you've been doing well, and don't be a stranger :)