Sunday July 22nd, 2012

The exercise:

Write a little about: the affair.

Very relaxing morning and afternoon, mostly spent lounging on the deck in pretty much perfect temperatures. A gentle breeze, enough clouds to keep things reasonable.

There was a definite threat of another thunderstorm late afternoon, but it blew over without doing much of anything. Then this evening, with the forecast calling for an unpleasant morning tomorrow, Kat and I went out to the garden to do some harvesting for our local orders. We got a fair amount done before the mosquitoes made things excessively uncomfortable.

Hopefully we won't get too soaked finishing things off tomorrow.


It is a grim affair, this business between Death and his new companion. Speaking of it leaves an unpleasant taste on my tongue, and giving the matter any thought at all seems to darken my mind for days afterward.

The age difference between the two, while impossible to calculate with any accuracy, is deeply unsettling. One can tell just by looking at them when they are side by side that something indecent is afoot.

And it has come to my attention, just today in fact, that Death is using their relationship to further his own black agenda in the most despicable manner imaginable. I have it on good authority that he has been secretly poisoning the tips of his paramour's arrows! Disgusting!

This cannot be allowed to stand. We must bring this situation to an immediate end. The affair between Death and Cupid must be terminated.


Greg said...

How bad do the mosquitoes get then? I don't think I've read you complain about them much before!
It looks like the rain has left the UK for the time being, with temperatures threatening to reach 30 degrees this week. I'm going to measure the freezer cabinet to see if I can fit inside it....
I wonder which of Death and Cupid you've picked as the elder? Wondering if Love came before Death is surely a chicken-and-egg problem :) I quite like the idea of them having an affair, and possibly a partnership. Your narrative style works well again here, it's nice to see a little editorial again.

The affair
Black smoke hangs over the fields,
Stubble has burned,
Autumn has returned,
A couple walk together for a time.

Soft wind tugs at her hair,
Ash brings tears to his eyes,
Their words are just lies,
Covering up the needs of time.

They part at the farm's edge,
Harvest is over,
They're no longer lovers,
Until next year at this time.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - your parings have inspired me with an interesting pairing of my own *grins*

@Greg - I suspect the cupid he has in mind is the baby faced Cherib kind - which makes it even areder to guess his 'real' age. :} In triguing poem you have

The Affair
When the moon fell in love with the sun, everyone noticed the consequence. The world grew dark and everything panicked as day turned to night. But over time people got used to the make ups and fights the sun and moon have and learned to love watching the their Affairs. It has become the hobby of many a novice astronomer to view the loss of moon or sun, as if nothing were the matter. But heaven forbid the two should permanently part, for Earth might be left without food or water...

Marc said...

Greg - for most of the season the mosquitoes haven't been too bad, but lately they seem to be getting worse. The evenings have been particularly bad, so we've been avoiding those a little bit lately (probably why I haven't been complaining about them here!).

As Cathryn figured, in my head Cupid was the baby face. They make quite the pair, I think.

Intriguing poem. I'm not entirely sure I get it, but that's not stopping me from enjoying it.

Cathryn - ooh, I quite like your pairing as well! And yes, I imagine that breakup would be rather... disastrous for us all.

Morrigan Aoife said...

A secret meeting
Held in the night
Someone is cheating
Thats just not RIGHT!

Marc said...

Morrigan - short, punchy, great rhythm. I like it!