Saturday July 21st, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that has been: found.

Another good market this morning, as we sold out of most everything again. Brought home a few cabbages, but those should keep until Monday for our box program customers. Even sold a few more of my greeting cards, which was a big relief as I hadn't sold any in the last month or so.

Looking forward to a quiet day off tomorrow.


Packing up our stall,
I discover an unexpected treat:
A local artist's CD
Sits waiting on the street.

Listened to it (a couple of times) once we got back home; it's really good. Will bring it back with us next week in case the person who dropped it comes looking for it. Won't be particularly sad if they don't.


Greg said...

At least Greetings Cards don't go off when you have to bring them home from the market! Sounds like a great day, especially with the bonus CD there at the end. And you've turned the whole thing into a very neat four-line poem!

"We will found our village here,"
Miss Snippet was as grim as Pain,
The children raised a ragged cheer,
But thought, "Here we go again..."

Morrigan Aoife said...

When you think you've had enough
Because life is just to rough
You must not be lead astray
With faith you will find a way!


My message for the day:

Find the strength to believe in yourself. Persevere!

Marc said...

Greg - true, but when they're not selling at all they start feeling like a waste of time (and table space).

Those poor children. Surely a revolt is on the horizon?

Morrigan - tis a fine message. I think most of us could use to hear it several times a day.