Thursday July 26th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about something that has been: uncovered.

Finished weeding the beets this morning, then got started on the squash plants (which are even worse off than the beets were, but at least there are fewer of them). Things are starting to look a little more reasonable out there.

Harvesting for the market tomorrow, potentially along with an order for the restaurant. Things have been a little chaotic over there recently, with the head chef on medical leave and his replacement leaving to go back to school in a couple of weeks. Hopefully things settle down soon, both for their sake and ours.


That which they kept hidden
Is now lit by the sun;
We all gather around,
Each one of us is stunned.

How could we be deceived,
So taken by their lies?
No, let truth be spoken:
We covered our own eyes.


Greg said...

It's a shame that the weeds aren't edible as well, since they seem much keener to grow than your crop plants. Do you compost all the weeds?
The restaurant situation does sound a bit difficult; hope the head chef gets better soon, and your orders stabilise as well :)
I love the flow of your poem today, and the bluntness of the words. If only more people could be that honest with themselves :)

Uncovered adj., unco-vered. A portmanteau word of sorts, from unco (Scots) meaning strange, unusual or surprising, and revered, meaning treated with deep respect or awe. Uncovered thus means to revere the uncanny and unnatural.
Clearly this is talking about the now defunct religion of the left-aligned ancients of Mu-mu who worshipped small plastic toys found in canned goods. When the toys were uncovered they had been tipped out of the tin (uncanny, therefore), and their presence was considered to be a miracle.
Some people, in this dictionary's opinion, are just wierd.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - hope things work out for you vegetable/harvest wise. I liked your poem. It is so true.

@Greg - you know I love your dictionary. How do you do it? :}


The verse has been uncovered
It was hidden for many years
But much or surprise
The words have disappeared!

Ode to the 2012 Poety Tournament, Third challenge... I still need to write my entry and the contraints are... heelish! :}

Marc said...

Greg - it's only a matter of time before we give up and start inventing recipes for all those eager weeds.

We just pull the weeds and leave them in the rows between the plants. Eventually they get plowed under with everything else once the season draws to a close (or, if the crop is finished early enough in the season, once something else needs to be planted there).

Woohoo, more Gregfinitions! Love that final line :D

Cathryn - oof, that's a nasty challenge. Not feeling too sad that I'm not being subjected to it :P