Tuesday July 17th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: online dating.

I was inspired by Cathryn's comment on yesterday's post, as Kat and I met through a dating site.

We made pancakes for dinner tonight, topped with whipped cream, fresh slices of apricots, and a compote made from some of last year's frozen blackberry crop. It was quite the treat.


His profile looks great,
but if all he says is true
why is he single?

*     *     *

Forget coffee shops,
bars, libraries; go online
to meet your soul's mate.


Greg said...

1,500 days of posts! I know it's not a whole year milestone, but it's a great number to have up there at the top of the site!
Those pancakes sound lovely! Although with all that fruit and cream it sounds like you just skipped straight to dessert and forgot about the rest ;-)
I think I like your first haiku better today, I think it gets the message across slightly better. Oh, and I have an answer for it too: because he's had so much work to do for the past six months that meeting people has been impossible! Haha.

Online dating

He's "dating online,"
That's what he tells his mother
So he can go fish.


Her picture is old
But you hope she looks better...
She doesn't. You cry.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Well if you don’t meet them at University, and the bars are dodgy, why not try on-line dating. You never know. *grins* (Though if I hadn’t met the hubby at Uni I’d probably be doomed to single-dom and that’s make my Dad upset... lol He’d probably try to hook me up with some Hispanic boy to get his biological grandkids! The pressures of being an only child *giggles*)

Online Dating

She got the angles
She looks like a cheerleader
It’s a deception

* * *

Afraid of the crowd
Unwilling to leave his home
He dates while he games

First inspired by Greg’s and second from my gaming days. *giggles and grins*

Morrigan Aoife said...

I met my husband online - Not a dating site - Just a random instant message conversation after reading an AOL profile.


A O L Profile
Employed, Divorced, Drama Free,
All Excellent Traits!


An impromptu date,
Followed by a wedding,
And five young children.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I'm pretty pleased to hit another big number like that :)

Hahaha, great second haiku this week. Tells a whole story :D

Cathryn - yeah, when I decided to try it out it was really because there didn't seem to be any other good options.

Two very different but very good haiku. Think the first one is my fav, but only slightly.

Morrigan - what a fortunate encounter that was, then!

All right, I have to ask... why is divorced an excellent trait? My curiosity won't let that one pass!

Morrigan Aoife said...

Two reasons
1. divorced has a finality. Your not seeing other people,thinking about leaving,separated, waiting on a court date. Your done. period. Which leaves you available not only physically but also emotionally which is really important.

2. When you are a divorced person looking to start another serious relationship. you know exactly what stupid thing he did or what crazy thing she did that made the relationship fall apart. You have gained experience and when you start a relationship with another divorced person you can be upfront about your expectations and your more apt to not take your partner for granted. just my opinion.

Marc said...

Morrigan - that is totally fascinating. Thank you for sharing!