Tuesday July 10th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: confusion.

Sorry about yesterday's post. I wasn't really in the mood to write and had to force that out. Probably the first time in the more than four years I've been doing this that I've felt obligated to post.

Anyway, it was a bit of a rough night. I'm not sure I want to talk about it, but know that everything turned out fine.


When nothing makes sense,
When normal slips out the door,
Who can be trusted?

*     *     *

She wanders the house
Searching for the puppy dog
Who died years ago


Greg said...

Well, if everything's alright then let's leave it at that :) For a poem that was just forced out, it definitely wasn't bad, and we appreciate the effort you make turning up here every day anyway.
Oh, by the way, I shall be stealing some lines from your poetry for Protagonize's poetry competition as the first task is a Cento ;-)
I like your second haiku better today, partly because I like dogs and partly because I suspect the first one is still related to the previous couple of posts.

When two conventions
Book the same place, they must merge.
That's called con-fusion.

["Welcome everybody to the combined Dental Hygienist and Sewage farmer convention, long may our union be blessed!"]

Blossom falls like snow,
She falls like a wounded deer,
Life confuses her.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Well *HUGS* then and I'll see if my brian can squeeze out some Haiku, even if I really should be eating right about now.


Plopped in another world
Sacrificed identiy
Ensures confusion

Molded by the Gods
Transformed by human design
Nature is confused

inspired by my story of Sarah's Phoenix and turning living teers into living houses...

Morrigan Aoife said...

Where, When, How did this happen?
What is going on?


This was not my choice!
I played the cards I was dealt.
But who stacked the deck?

Marc said...

Greg - my, you are a perceptive one, aren't you? Yeah, I needed one more creative way to express what I went through before trying to leave it behind me... or so I thought.

I had to look up what a Cento is; I quite like the sound of it!

I think there's some great potential to be found in con-fusions. I think I might have to explore this idea further.

Cathryn - really like your second one, as I can just picture one of your trees thinking 'what just happened?'

Morrigan - I think your first one sums up my experience on Monday just as well as anything I've written about it!