Thursday July 19th, 2012

The exercise:

Let us work with: clay.

Another hot one here today. This morning I started harvesting our garlic crop and so far it looks much, much better than last year's bulbs did. We left them in the ground too long last summer and I wanted to make sure that didn't happen again.

So far, so good.


"How was art class, honey?" Patty called from the kitchen when she heard the front door creak open just after nine o'clock.

"Same as usual," Harold said as he eased into the room, coat slung over his shoulder. "The teacher is convinced he's on his way to molding us into the next van Gogh or Rembrandt or whoever."

"Hey, I've seen your paintings - he just might be!"

"Please, our grandson has produced better with crayons and what he pulls out of his diapers." Harold was already safely out of sight before his wife could get a firm grip on one of her beloved wooden spoons. "You know it's true!"

"I don't pretend to know what people consider modern art," Patty muttered under her breath as she returned to the dishes. "But we sure could use the sort of money folk are paying for it these days."


Greg said...

Garlic is fantastic stuff! Glad that you're getting a good crop of it, it's the kind of thing that's useful for almost everthing. Except maybe dessert....
Harold and Patty seem like a pleasant couple, and I like the way you convey their age only by reference to their grandson; very subtle, very pleasing.

The river is unsubtle today,
A roaring tumult, a soaking spray,
Waves that threaten as I dig for clay:
The river nymphs all at play.

I throw the clay upon the wheel,
The silence of the studio appeals,
And when the pot has been annealed,
It's like fire from the Gods I steal.

Ok, so that's going nowhere and it's rubbish, but I can't concentrate with the racket around me at the moment. You'd never believe this was supposed to be an office....

Morrigan Aoife said...

Hope all is well & everyone's having a good summer.


The kids love to play
With polymer clay
They make little faces
And fantasy places
Then paint their creation
To add characterization

Marc said...

Greg - surely there must be a dessert that makes use of it? I shall have to look that up!

It's not rubbish! I quite like the opening stanza, in fact. But I can understand that a noisy office can stomp all over creative efforts.

I'm quite glad I don't have to deal with that anymore, actually.

Morrigan - thanks, and the same to you :)

I can quite easily imagine that scene. Kind of makes me want to join in :D