Friday October 12th, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the travelling companions.

With today's purchase of a car seat, we're one step closer to having a new travelling companion for ourselves. Little by little, things are coming together.

Back to the market tomorrow morning, mostly bringing apples again. After this one there will be only two more left before we close up shop for the season.

Very much looking forward to that at this point.


The road stretched out before us in a straight line until it crumbled beneath the horizon's vast and magnificent weight. But we were undaunted, carrying on with hope holding our hearts in its tender grip and the nobility of our task pinning wings to our souls.

Edna shook her head as she tore another page out of Judith's journal before feeding it to her struggling campfire. If she was searching for further proof that she'd made the right decision to ditch her whack-job of a travelling companion of the previous month, she'd certainly found it.


Greg said...

It is harder work at the market at this time of year? I guess the relative weight of the product is very different from summer :) I'm just curious, I think, as to why you're looking forward to it all being over now.
(Although I suspect you're looking forward to Hallowe'en!)
Heh, I like Edna, she seems like my kind of person. I wonder exactly how she ditched Judith? It does remind me of the times I've tried travelling with previously-unknown people... I think only about 10% turned out to be anything like what I was expecting!

The travelling companions
The Stone Age standing stones on the top of the hill were known as the Three Companions to the locals, and they could knowingly point out the two Brothers and the Priest even in twilight. There were even legends about how they'd come to be there in the first place, and where they'd been going.
Sunday morning, the church was full of pale-faced, stricken-looking folk, and the Celebrant was extremely puzzled. His altar-boy had to take him aside, and in trembling words explain that the Companions had moved to a paddock overnight, travelling all by themselves.

Marc said...

Greg - mostly because it's been a very long season of heavy lifting, what with Kat being pregnant for all of it. I'm just ready for some rest.

Self-moving stones? A mystery is afoot!

Greg said...

So... normally you make Kat do all the heavy lifting? ;-D
It did occur to me that you weren't really at full strength this year, with the pregnancy, but you've not mentioned it much so I figured you were probably coping just fine. It seems perfectly fair that you'd be looking forward to the end though!
I seem to recall that farmers' children grow up big and strong, more out of necessity than choice :)