Friday October 19th, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: excess.

Kat's dad and I finally finished the stairs going from the deck to the backyard today. Because, you know, if I'm not going to spend all day preparing for the market I gotta do something to occupy my time.

On Sunday, weather permitting, we're going to get started on the railings. Because, you know, with a baby coming sometime in the next three or four weeks it might be a good idea to make things around here as safe as possible for him.

The truck is full to bursting, ready to go to Penticton in the morning. Here's hoping people want lots of apples tomorrow. And squash.


"Do you think Eric's had too much to drink?"

"Depends... what's he wearing now?"

"Let's see... the waitress' shoes, no pants, a tablecloth he's turned into a cape, shot glass earrings, I don't know whose sunglasses those are... and the bartender's moustache."

"... Yeah, it's probably time to call it a night."


Greg said...

Aw, with you not having spoken about since I thought you must have gone with my suggestion of a trampoline instead of stairs! They're much more baby-safe, too! (Well, you might want to put a net around some sides of it to be certain.)
You've definitely timed all this rather well; you've got just enough time to finish all these little projects before the baby comes. I'm impressed.

Heh, Eric sounds like fun. Especially if he managed to get the barman's moustache off!

"Mum? Why is this jumper so big?"
"Well, you're a big girl, Jennifer, and that was the largest the shop had."
"But it says Extra Small on the label, look, here, XS!"
"Unfold the label properly dear and you'll see it reads EXCESS..."

Penelope Louise said...

“And when I finally was able to clean out his closet, I found 17 pairs of shoes--all unworn in unopened boxes.”

“Seventeen?” I asked, not that seven would have been all that much easier to comprehend.

He had been gone for about ten months now.

I reminded her of the time when he and I first met. He was wearing only Italian tasseled loafers during an 11 inch snowstorm--he wanted to make a good impression.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, everybody has been busy with other things for a while now. Finally a bit of time freed up and we're back at it.

Poor (big) little Jennifer :(

Penelope - seventeen pairs does seem rather excessive, doesn't it? My goodness!