Tuesday October 23rd, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: instincts.

Woke up to rain that didn't let up until some time this afternoon, so nothing was accomplished in the garden today. Thankfully it was just rain though - we could see snow not too far up the mountain.

Which was more than close enough, thanks very much.


Wash, clean, organize
everything... what's this about
a nesting instinct?

*     *     *

Uncertainty keeps
me frozen; I wish I could
just trust my instincts.


Greg said...

Sounds like you've dodged the snow for the moment then – just one more week to go to November, so it might hold off for you :) We've had very autumnal weather lately, it's lovely (I appreciate that people who don't like the rain so much may not agree!).
Heh, I like your first haiku better today, because I suspect it's rooted in reality :)

She decorates with
her instincts. I can safely
say that it all stinks.


Every Zener card
is called out right every time.
He calls it instinct.

morganna said...

Have you had snow yet Marc? We are much south and east of you, and we had light hail and snow yesterday, though mostly rain then. Looks like today will be a beautiful day.
Think drinking water
Is an instinct? Think again.
Some kids must be told.

We care for others
Now some people have lost their
Basic instincts, like thirst.

Iron Bess said...

Last of the guests have finally gone, life returned to normal as of yesterday. Today was spent loading, unloading, and piling some of the firewood for the winter. Another three days (I hope) left and we are done.

Remember and cry,
A family gathering.
Remember and laugh.

Only ashes now
We are all of us star stuff
Winds take your essence.

Penelope said...

The dough is relaxed
hands knead, revel in its warmth
a bread awaits birth.


Across the cold sky
ten geese honking in a V
a time to head south.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, within my first one lies the inspiration for the topic :)

I think the rhyme in your first one wins the day for me this week.

Morganna - there's snow in the hills, but it hasn't descended down to our level so far.

Hah, I can barely remember to drink enough water most days. I can only imagine what it will be like for our boy.

Iron Bess - a warm welcome back to you, and hopes that normalcy has come for a nice, long visit.

Two lovely haiku, I can't pick a favorite.

Penelope - love the imagery in both of yours. The second made me smile, as it got me to thinking about our local geese.

They don't actually migrate, as it stays warm enough for them here. But they still have that instinct, so they go on daily flights around the valley, in big looping circles that don't actually get them anywhere.