Saturday October 27th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem that could (or actually has) double(d) as a mantra.

The last market of the year was cold and wet and not particularly well attended, but that's all okay because it was, in fact, our last market of the year.

I only had to tell myself that about a hundred times this morning.

We're giving our local customers one last chance to order from us this Monday, and I've got a few things left that need doing in the garden. Other than that, this season is over and done with.


I can't feel my fingers,
I think I lost a toe,
But I've got six months
For them to regrow.


Greg said...

Almost there Marc! You'll be able to stop working and hibernate soon :) Most baby things are done inside in the warm.
Congratulations on a full year of markets and vegetable boxes! I imagine you'll spend some of Winter planning how to do them all better and bigger next year though.
Your mantra/poem made me laugh :)
So, this site proved useful when I was looking for mantras earlier, for this piece, and I may have used it again for inspiration for today's poem :)

Everyone's an individual
We both took a turkey and spices;
You cooked yours, and I had a crisis.
Yours was delicious and made everyone happy,
Mine made them cry, and in need of a nappy.

Iron Bess said...

Marc and Greg - loved them both.

Step, step, step
Breath, breath, breath
Pant, pant, pant
Run, run, stop

T.Davo said...

Hi Marc,

I recently found your site. Thank you for the variety of prompts. I'm getting back into a regular writing routine!

Up before dawn,
bicycle in the rain or dry.
New ferry tales to be told;
will today’s commute make me cry?

Marc said...

Greg - yup, we're already brainstorming ideas on what we'd like to do differently next season :)

Hahaha, I think my favorite from that site is 'With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine' :D

From the sounds of it, I think I'd prefer the other turkey!

Iron Bess - ooh, I think I'd find that 'stop' very satisfying whenever I reached it!

T. Davo - glad you found the blog and are finding it useful! And I hope you continue to share your writing with us :)

Ah yes, the biking commute. I have many memories of that as well, both sunny and rainy.