Tuesday October 16th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the festival.

Whatever festival you wish, real or imagined. You could even write about this festival (squash):

I have other pictures of our squash as well, but I quite like this one. So that's what you get to see! For now, at least.

We had a big, big storm overnight here, and I woke to discover a yard full of walnuts. This was after Kat's mom came down to collect all the freshly fallen nuts yesterday afternoon.

So I spent most of this afternoon collecting walnuts and hauling them up the hill for Kat's mom to dry and process. After I got the first two buckets up there I noticed our scale was nearby, so out of curiosity I weighed them. Minus the weight of the buckets? 42 pounds.

Most of me was impressed by this. A small, rather vocal and persistent part of me, suggested I could do better.

Next haul? 46 pounds of walnuts.

All totaled, I brought over 100 pounds of nuts up to the house... and there's still more on the ground. I just had other things that needed doing. Also, plenty more have yet to fall. 

The trees, they have been productive this year.


Gather round, children,
the festival is starting!
Bring Dad's wallet too!

*     *     *

The breeze brings music
and sun-warmed laughter. Rejoice!
The harvest is done!


Greg said...

I do like your picture of a squash, the colours and shadows are excellent. I don't know if it's just for the blog, but I think you might have cropped it a little too much; the stem disappearing off the top of picture is annoying, because the stem draws the eye out in the rest of the picture after the squash captures it.
100 pounds of walnuts! That's a lot of walnut bread to sell at the market :-P I'm impressed with you harvesting and hauling them all too!
I like your second haiku because it's uplifting, but I like your first haiku better for the smile it brought.

The Festival
Children sing and dance
But in the evening, adults
Sacrifice small things

Blood offerings and
Spiritual sustenance
For a good new year.

morganna said...

Hurry the planning
Hurry the cleaning -- hurry!
The festival comes!

Costumes and treats, lights,
Decorations, get ready
For the festival!

Cathryn Leigh said...

Colorful banners
Laughter floating on the breeze
Ren Fest is ending

Wizards and Fairies
Klingons and Storm Troopers too
Last day full of wrong

Going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend, on the last day of the Faire, which also happen to be the Day of Wrong. Not that you don’t see loads of non-historically accurate costumes other days of the festival, but on the last day people go really wild (as in Storm Troopers wearing kilts or cross-dressing). Me? I’ll be pulling out my vibrant green and tiny floral patterned Austrian Dirndl for the occasion. It will be the first time I get to wear it since I made it, I don’t know how many years ago now. *grins*

Aholiab said...

The Festival

Friends come celebrate
Eat, sing, dance; give thankful prayers
Autumn festival

Seven days of joy
No more tears, no more sorrow
Please stay for an eighth

Marc said...

Greg - that's just how the picture was taken, I didn't notice it at the time. You've got a very good point though.

Love the twist your first haiku takes :)

Morganna - really felt the urgency in your first haiku. It's rather infectious, actually!

Cathryn - I'd not heard of this day of wrong before. Kinda sounds like it would be the best part of the whole experience!

Aholiab - good to see you around these parts again :)

'Please stay for an eighth' is such a great final line there. Totally makes your second haiku my favorite this week.