Saturday October 20th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about one of: the seven dwarfs.

Pretty chilly and slow market this morning. Ah well, only one more left to go now.



Why the constant frown?
You might ask yourself.
Perhaps he hates everyone,
Perhaps he just hates himself.


Greg said...

Hopefully the Hallowe'en market will be a bit more lively, that'd be a good way to end the year :)
I thought the disclaimer paragraph at the end of your linked article was quite interesting: Disney tends to take (horrific) liberties with fairy-tales (and Greek myths), and while I understand that they're folk story-telling and so adaptable for each new age, Disney's wholesale throwing-away of the core messages still seems a little wrong.
Anyway, I like your take on poor old Grumpy! I hope he's your favourite :)

He says his name is "Doc",
He says, "Trust me! My hands are clean!"
But he's never been to any schools,
And his diploma's not been seen.

Penelope Louise said...


He had to ask himself
what dwarf in his right mind would wear a magenta cap
and a purple girly tunic
It’s a lifestyle choice came the swift and assured reply from his right
Hands clasped behind his tiny back
circling his foot on the ground before him
he vowed to make peace with his identity.

Marc said...

Greg - well people do tend to stock up at the final market of the season, so we'll have that going for us.

I don't know if Grumpy is my fav, but I probably relate to him the most :P

That Doc is a shady character, isn't he? I think you've caught him out though!

Penelope - hah, great take on Bashful! Enjoyed the way you worked in the details from the linked site as well :)