Friday October 26th, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: wishes.

Had a lovely birthday day. Made pancakes with Kat for breakfast, did a little market prep work in the afternoon, then went out for a delicious dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants.

And sprinkled throughout all that were some truly wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family. I'm a pretty lucky guy.

Also: Kat gave me the only present I really wanted - I get to keep my birthday all to myself.

Well, not in the whole world, obviously. But within my family.


With a long sucking breath and great, puffy cheeks, the little boy blew out the candles on his birthday cake. All of his friends at the dinner table and the adults gathered around the outskirts of the room waited in varying degrees of silence for him to announce his wish, as he'd promised he'd do while the lighter was still doing its work.

Never one for keeping secrets any longer than a few anxiety-filled minutes was he, something many suspected he learned from his gossip hound of a mother.

Looking around with an unreadable expression the boy solemnly announced, "I wished for Daddy to be run over by a bus and get replaced by Batman."


Greg said...

Sounds like a very pleasant day! I'm happy for you that it was a good one, and that you get to keep it for yourself as well :)
Great descriptions in your piece today, especially at the start. And the detail at the end about his father getting run over by a bus converys a whole paragraph of information: I bet his mother was responsible for that too!

"You have three wishes," said the genie, "though terms and conditions may apply."
Margaret looked stunned and dropped the dinosaur skull she'd been polishing when then genie appeared from an eye socket.
"Terms and conditions?" she asked weakly, picking the skull up off the fluffy towel on the table that was there to catch anything she dropped.
"There's a booklet," said the genie producing a book the size of an encyclopedia volume, "in three parts," producing another two, "and wishing you'd already read them is explicitly prohibited on page 2,497, paragraph 11,090."

Iron Bess said...

Spent the day finishing up the last of the wood, I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to be finished that task and knowing that we are ready for winter. It is pretty sweet. Happy birthday Marc, I hope your day was lovely and filled with chocolate and sunny weather.


Wishes I found can come true. Not by accident, chance, or a genier. Not by hoping, crossing your fingers, or wishing on a star. They come to fruition by dedication, hardwork, and moving one piece of wood at a time.

Anonymous said...


Wishes are fine things, made of stardust and lighter than dandelion seeds.
When you make a wish, it should be well thought out and, with clear intention, made once.
Then you let it go like a helium balloon aloft in the sky and wait see what happens without any more intention being poured into it.
Over time, in the wisdom of its own time and in its own fashion (not always of your exact design), the universe conspires to reveal the gift of the granted wish you’d programmed into it - so be careful what you wish for.

Marc said...

Greg - haha, that is one genie I wouldn't be too interested in dealing with!

Iron Bess - congrats on getting the wood finished! I look forward to getting to that point at some point... hopefully before snow arrives.

Writebite - great imagery in this one, and you managed to end it on the perfect note as well :)