Sunday October 7th, 2012

The exercise:

Write something that has to do with: comas.

How am I doing right at this moment?

Turkey coma.

Sleep now.



"Hi, Mrs. Decker. It's Julie calling, from the principal's office."

"Oh... yes, how are you doing? Is everything all right?"

"I'm fine, thanks. It's about Bobby. Again."

"What's my son done this time?"

"Well, he was in the middle of his Math class when... well, he just plain old fell into a coma."

"... is that right?"

"I'm afraid so."

"If his teacher is enjoying the peace and quiet, just leave him be. But if Mr. Underwood actually wants him to do something - like take a test, for example - just tell him that if he doesn't wake up he's not getting dessert tonight."


Greg said...

Ah well, you'll wake up well-rested from your turkey coma at least :)
Bobby's mother seems the sympathetic sort at least; I wonder how he'd have fared if they'd called his father and it turned out to be Henri?

"I'm a little busy here George. You asked me to type up thirty copies of the agenda remember? After you broke the printer."
"Sorry Mavis. But, Mavis?"
"What George?"
"What's the plural of coma? Is it comata?"
"I very much doubt it George, but there's a dictionary here on my desk if you'd like to check."
"Oh.... how about comae?"
"[sigh]It sounds very medical George, but I don't think that's the plural either. Oh drat. Now I've spilled white-out George!"
"Yes Mavis. What about comai?"
"I'm pretty certain only radius and topos pluralise that way. It's comas George, with an ess. Why do keep asking?"
"I need to write a report about all these people in comas, Mavis."
"What all people in comas?"
"...I might have accidentally spilled some of my medication in the water-cooler jar, Mavis."

Cathryn Leigh said...

Interesting take on coma... I'm afraid rachel had to take up the prompt for me, so here she is, in all her, um, sluttiness *sigh*

Coma (is Not Deep Sleep)

Rachael snorted. “Deep Sleep is nothing like a coma.”

“How is it not?” he companion at the bar inquired, looking offended.

Rachael leaned towards the man, with a slight smile as he eyes dipped to her chest. “Have you ever been in Deep Sleep?”

“Well,” his eyes could seem to focus on hers, “No.”

“Then let me tell you this,” Rachael smirked. “Deep Sleep is chemically induced, rather than the result of some medical condition. Generally voluntary too.” She sat back, and his eyes returned to hers, though they kept glancing downwards. “But the biggest difference is,” she paused until he leaned in closer. Leaning in herself she whispered, “you don’t dream.”

“Never?” he was whispering back.

“Not ever.” She stated. “And do you know what that means when you come out of Deep Sleep?”

“What?” his eyes were all hers.

“You wake raunchy.” She pulled him in for a kiss to prove her point.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, more Mavis and George :D

You're spoiling me!

Cathryn - great little scene :)