Monday October 29th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about: an evolution.

More cleaning and organizing today. Also spent most of the morning in our local coffee shop with Kat, who enjoyed her hot chocolate very muchly.

Wrote mine while we were there... right after I finished writing two haiku because I was convinced it was Tuesday.


When humans first discovered them, deep in the jungles of Brazil, they garnered little international attention. No use for them was immediately apparent, and on top of that they weren't especially attractive.

The world had long since moved on a year later, at which point the first change in the creatures was documented. Nothing startling, but a few researchers were quietly intrigued by the speed of their adaptation.

Four months after that a second permutation was recorded. Many considered this impossible, insisting that it had simply been missed during initial observations.

The third and fourth mutations which occurred in the following weeks, however, were too dramatic to be brushed aside in the same manner. A tripling in size, the sudden development of perfect night vision.

The creatures had the world's full attention now.

But by then it was too late to stop them.


Greg said...

You should have posted the haiku anyway and declared it mix-up week :) What was Kat doing while you were writing then? I can only hope she was reading over your shoulder and softly muttering "Oh no, he's spelled that wrong... that's not right... I must remember not to let him teach the baby any grammar..." :-P
I am intrigued as to what these creatures are that were discovered in the jungles; they sound really, really interesting. So much so that I can easily believe we'd miss how lethal they were until it was too late!

"Why is this video game called Pro-Evolution Soccer?" Harry's mum frowned as she looked at the box, turning it over and over in her hands as though hoping the answer would somehow be dislodged and become apparent.
"'Cos the players evolve, mum," said Harry not looking up. "They get better at the game the longer you make them play and practise."
"Evolve how?" Harry's mum looked at the screen for the first time, expecting to see stylised football players running around a pitch.
"That man's got three eyes!" she gasped, seeing a player with a mostly pyramidal head.
"And sixty-three legs," said Harry in a self-satisfied tone. "I'm trying to get him up to a hundred though."

morganna said...

They used to be hippies,
Then punks, then goth,
Now emo. New names, new attitudes.
The misfits are evolving.

Marc said...

Greg - Kat was reading. A book she brought with her. She is not allowed to read what I write as I'm writing it. No one is :P

That sounds like my kind of video game!

Morganna - who knows what will come next, huh?