Saturday November 23rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: height.

The gym was incredibly quiet this morning, but thankfully things picked up around lunch and stayed fairly busy until the end of the day. So I got some cleaning done first thing and people kept me busy after that.

Not a bad day, really.


From way down here
They all appear so tall,
But that's because
You let them make you small.


Greg said...

That sounds like a well-ordered day actually; get all the cleaning done and then chase people off your nice clean things for the rest of the day!
That's a great poem; the punchline at the end is perfect for it. It made me smile!

The height of his ambition
Is as tall as he is short.
He stands upon the shoulders
Of the people he has caught.

[He's a bounty hunter, but I couldn't find a way to fit it into the poem in four lines.]

Marc said...

Greg - haha, I'm not sure my boss would be pleased by that. Though I suspect whoever had to work the next day would appreciate not having to clean anything!

I can see how the inclusion of 'bounty hunter' would seriously cramp your poem. Perhaps just slip it into the title?

Either way, the end result is very nicely done.

Graeme Stewart said...

From head to foot,
Base to top, or birth to death,
the question is-
When will we stop?

Hey i'm just an 18 year old kid from Toronto trying to expand my writing skills so any feed back or tips will help!

Greg said...

Hi Graeme! I'm sure Marc will welcome you to the site shortly, but I think I'm getting in first :)
That's a great little poem you've got there. I like the rhythm and scansion, it's very jaunty and self-possessed. The broken rhyme scheme works much better than I'd have expected -- I may have to experiment with that myself now.
Great work; hope to see some more of it!

Marc said...

Graeme - yes, I did get here eventually, but thank you to Greg for filling in during my slowness.

I like your take on the prompt, and it's nicely executed as well. Good work, and I hope we'll see some more from you around here soon :)