Saturday November 9th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the cleaning lady.

Today's shift at the gym went quite well, as things never got too busy nor too slow. Time slipped past rather quickly and there were no last minute obstructions to me actually leaving on time.

Even with Kat and Max showing up a few minutes early to pick me up.

He seemed to enjoy crawling around (once the last member went home) and it was fun having them there with me while I cashed out for the evening.


With scissors and a steady hand
She makes cleaning rags
Out of Lady's cocktail dresses
And old Gucci bags.


Greg said...

That sounds like a pretty good work-day, with enough to do to keep you occupied and no panics or emergencies. I hope it all keeps ticking along like that for you through the Winter :)
...although I am waiting for you to tell me old instincts have kicked in and you've created a spreadsheet to track optimal time usage of all the bits of equipment!
I like your cleaning lady! And I think she's probably inspired mine, too:

The cleaning lady
With vodka and a steady hand,
She turns cleaning rags,
Into Molotov Cocktails
And sleep-inducing gags.

Anonymous said...

marc, cool one
greg, your usual black spin ;) nice touch (btw i was amazed by your aussie snakes back there, incredibly inspired)

it's late here, forgive me, mine...

The Cleaning Lady

it'll take a time warp or magic
to fix up this chaotic mess
which really makes us look tragic
now you're here the dirt will be less

Marc said...

Greg - pretty sure those spreadsheet instincts are dead and gone. But I suppose one can never know...

Haha, this is quite the cleaning lady! I rather like her already :)

Writebite - nothing to forgive, as always. We're just practicing :)

Also: I heartily agree with the sentiment of your poem.