Tuesday November 5th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the jeweller.

Had my most consistent week of bowling so far, finally managing to avoid having one terrible game. Average went up another five points, which is a trend I would be quite thrilled to see continue.

I need to get to sleep, so that's all for today.

Well, looks like I fell asleep while trying to think of my second haiku. Still need to get to bed though, so no bonus yammering for you.


He will examine
your precious heirlooms with long
sleeves and deep pockets

*     *     *

They say diamonds are
a girl's best friend, but she's fond
of gold and pearls too.


Greg said...

Well done with the bowling, it sounds like your perseverance is paying off! Long may it continue :)
And I hope you sleep well, since you're that tired :-D

I think I prefer your second haiku better today for the strong flavour of avarice it contains!

The jeweller
Infinite patience,
placing diamonds in gold
like crystalline fire.

Two gold wedding rings
With hidden poison chambers
To help the divorce....

MosesMalone said...

Please, make me look loved
Deployed dad and busted ring
Fix my wedding ring

Will you marry me?
Forgot to look at ring. Yes!
He's more important.

I feel like I want to share these are both true stories.

MosesMalone said...

Lol. Greg's second one was funny.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, love the contrast between your two haiku. Though I think the mischievousness of the second makes it my favorite.

Mo - really enjoyed the sentiment in your second one :)