Tuesday November 19th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: fire.

Before tonight my worst three game total came on week two. That is still the case, but only because this evening's triple was one better.

Argh. (I had more to say about it than that, but I've managed to delete all the expletives)

In more positive news, I managed to finally sow our garden cover crops this afternoon, which was good since the weather is about to take a sharp turn toward winter. Well, that wind out there right now is suggesting that turn has already begun...


A crackling dance
across a bone dry meadow,
no flower is spared.

*     *     *

Warming young faces
and tales taller than mountains,
the campfire burns.


Greg said...

Never mind, you'll do better next week! You have to do badly from time to time to appreciate how well you play the rest of the time. But well done on getting the winter cover sown!
I think I prefer your first haiku better this week for the feeling of action in it. The first line is an excellent description of the progress of fire.

A wall facing south,
Warm sun, a lit cigarette...
Then someone shouts "Fire!"

No smoke without it;
Smokescreens help us hide ourselves.
We burn'd the wrong thing.

David said...

Fire fire burning bright
I fail for I plagiarize
Oh wait its tiger

Building within her
Pulsing through her soft belly
A passion consumes

morganna said...

Quick leaping red flames
Warm our fronts but not our
Backs. Snuggle closer.

positiveaob said...

The night becomes day
The city an auburn glow
our dreams are now smoke

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I suppose so.

Love your first one this week, as I did not see that ending coming at all.

David - your first made me smile, and your second is just lovely.

Morganna - yeah, that's the problem with campfires. Though I've seen these rather ridiculous looking chairs that actually send some of the heat up to the back rest.

Snuggling closer, in my opinion, is a much better solution.

Positiveaob - hello and welcome to the blog! I hope you find it useful :)

That's a beautiful haiku, the second and third lines in particular. Really nicely done.