Tuesday November 26th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the trial.

Had a pretty good night at bowling, compiling my best triple so far this year (other than what I bowled on Sunday). Average is up to a pretty respectable 170, which I'm happy to take. For now.

This morning Kat worked her first substitute teacher job since Max was born. I think we were all grateful that it was only a half day.

Oh, today's prompt? After yesterday's topic, just consider it a test to see who's paying attention.


Their lawyer's crooked,
the judge has been bought; the truth
will still set me free.

*     *     *

I watch the jury
as they watch the witnesses,
hoping to see doubt


Greg said...

I still suspect that you've been up to no good Marc, but that first haiku suggests you're going to get away with it! I think I like your first haiku better as it makes me smile when I read it.
Well done on the improved average! And well done to Kat for braving the rigours of schooling children again!

The trial
We queue up for pills
And then sit quietly. Those
who survive get paid.

It's a double-blind
medical trial. The doctors
don't know who will live.

Marc said...

Greg - who, me? Never!

I like both of your haiku this week, even more because they go together so nicely. Plus that touch of darkness adds a little something extra :)