Sunday November 17th, 2013

The exercise:

I would very much like for our writing today to prominently feature two colors. We each choose any two that we wish, and then we get to figure out how to incorporate them into our piece.

It is getting seriously cold overnight around here. Makes me want to linger in bed in the mornings.

Unfortunately Max has other ideas about that.


The yellow sun is with us every day, without fail. It chases away the night as it rises above the eastern horizon, waking the world with its molten glow. We know it watches us closely, for we feel the fiery sting of its gaze upon our skin.

At the close of each day it can be faithfully found sinking into the western horizon, changing color as it loses its heat. Fading and fading until it is lost from view, gone to the unknowable place where it regains its strength, rekindles its fire.

All is dark then.

Until the white sun forces its way between distant stars to cast its pale eye upon us. Some nights that eye is wide open, lighting our way as we move through the woods hunting prey who are enemies of the yellow sun. Other nights the white sun observes our slumber with a squinting eye, as though it is in deep thought.

Or plotting mischief.

Then there are the nights when the white sun keeps its eye closed. These nights confound our elders, worry our women, scare the children. Why won't it look at us? Have we done something wrong? Is something foul set to befall us under the cover of darkness? Has the white moon grown bored of our antics, casting its gaze elsewhere?

It is most unsettling.

But perhaps most disturbing of all are the days on which the white sun, for no reason that we can discern, chooses to challenge the authority of the yellow sun...


Anonymous said...

marc: an inspired topic, really touching piece!

2 Colours

he held the photo in his hands
a 3D photo of a little babe, yet unborn
a modern miracle, that
to see the face of his first born
to know it was "she"
to give her a name
way before she was due


but there was more to come

the psychic held his hand, too,
both cradling the photo in his hands
delicately, like the womb encircling his first-born
"it helps me make the connection," she explained

within moments, the energy started flowing
tiny tendrils of cobwebs floating through them
slowly building - but not too much
this was a tiny person they were sensing
"you feel it, too?"
the psychic asked him
he nodded, too much in awe to speak,
his heart open, full of love for the tiny one

"I see her, as she will be, fair and lithe,
with your eyes and a lilting laugh, a charmer, for sure...
her favourite colours - the ones she harmonises to -
they are neon blue with touches of grass green..."

he thought about this, amazed
by the feelings and the knowledge coming through
on the etheric airwaves

one day he would let her paint her own room
and plant up a garden with forget-me-nots and Dutch iris
in amongst the green - just to please her

and it would, it would please her well

the energy cooled, the conduit closed
the psychic, it seemed, had accomplished another miracle
for how many parents could receive so much insight into their little one

before she was born?

morganna said...

Red apples and green grass
Pink baby faces and soft brown hair
Yellow flowers bobbing in the sun
White snow gleaming under the blue sky
How can I choose just two colors to write about?

Marc said...

Writebite - fascinating piece, with some great imagery!

Morganna - hah, I appreciate your difficulty :)

Raven said...

I began college in August and ever since then, everything has been black or white. No gray area. The earliest I can ever go to bed is twelve o'clock, but once I'm in bed, I am wide awake. If I choose to sleep in from lack of sleep the night before, I miss my Human Bio lecture. With the way my teacher is set up, that's missing a whole chapters worth of information. Sleep in? White. Missing a whole chapter worth of information? Black. No gray area. I wake up from a mid-day nap and I'm starving! But, I have Human Bio to study... Now here's the black and white of eating a nice meal with my friends versus snacking on a bag of chips all night while crouching over a book, and internally crying may I add, just to pass a test. I can't stand it. Literally everything is black or white. No gray area. I just can't win.