Tuesday November 12th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: past lives.

Opened bowling tonight with my best game so far this season. Which was then followed by one of my worst (okay, maybe like fourth or fifth worst, which isn't exactly terrible considering we've only bowled 15 games total thus far). Final game? Third best.

Woo, consistency.

Anyway, average went up another four points (it's 169 now, in case anyone actually cares... hey, remember when every Tuesday I blabbered on about ultimate? Yeah, bowling is the new ultimate).

Tomorrow we're taking Max in for his one year vaccinations. Bleh.


He once ruled the world,
but he scoffed at compassion;
now he scrubs toilets.

*     *     *

Timid, thick glasses,
rail thin... where on earth did the
gladiator go?


Greg said...

I do recall you telling us from time to time about frisbee, yes :) And I feel like you've not mentioned the hockey much so far either... how are the Canucks doing?
Consistency comes gradually; two out three games isn't bad right now! And the bad games let us see how much better we're doing than we were by comparison.

I prefer your first haiku this week, because of the hint of come-uppance :)

Past lives
She answers the phones
Regally. She was Queen in
so many past lives.

This life was empty.
Go back and try once again.
The cherry tree dies.

Anonymous said...

a girl has been born
she is from Europe and Oz
and is beyond time itself

we bring with us here
many things from past lives that
make us whole this time

morganna said...

{Bonus points if you know which movie the 2nd one is based on}
Who you are, what you
Do, create your karma and
What you get next time.

A monk with a sense
Of humor becomes a girl,
And two diff'rent boys.

Marc said...

Greg - the Canucks are doing fairly well, but realignment finds them in the toughest division in the league. We'll see how things shake out over the course of the season (they're about 1/4 now).

Ooh, I like both of yours this week. I think the second slightly more, but it's a tight race.

Writebite - hurray! For your first.

And: beautiful. For your second :)

Morganna - I have to admit that I will not be getting your bonus points. It's an intriguing haiku though!