Friday December 13th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the shutout.

Three games ago the Canucks number one goaltender, Roberto Luongo, lost his bid for a shutout with just 8 seconds remaining. Last game the Canucks backup keeper, Eddie Lack, posted the first shutout of his career. Tonight Luongo was back on the ice and the Canucks blanked Edmonton 4-0, giving Vancouver a nice six game winning streak.

So yeah, I've got the word tumbling around in my head. Might as well make a prompt out of it.

And hey, I haven't talked hockey here for a while, so I must have been past due by this point.


As Dennis circled the house searching for an open door or window, a lone thought kept echoing inside his skull. It was either the fourth or fifth time he'd gone all the way around that he decided to finally stop to give that thought voice. It was definitely after he had trampled the flower garden, he knew that much for certain.

"Linda you can't shut me out like this," he shouted, focusing hard to avoid slurring his words, "it's supposed to go below zero tonight!"


Greg said...

...and what is a shutout in hockey terms? I'm picturing the goalie spending the game building a barricade across the goalmouth at the moment, and I don't remember the game being slow enough to allow that to be a successful strategy!
Heh, nice story in just four lines, and given your Canadian winters that threat of going below zero has an additional note of fear to it!

The shutout
Angry cries rose above the sounds of hammering on the locker room door. Mitch Masterson, the keys dangling from a shovel-like, much-scarred fist, smiled at his team-mates.
"There,' he said proudly, "I've shut them out!"
"Locked them in, more like," said Harry 'the Murderator' Haines, "and we can't win by forfeit, Mitch!"

Marc said...

Greg - I vaguely recall explaining that in the following day's post, so I shall leave it at that.

Hah, I do believe I'd like to hear more from these two :D